Arifoglu Organic Turkish Mulberry Molasses 480 gr 1+1free

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Indulge in the authentic flavors of nature with Arifoglu Organic Turkish Mulberry Molasses. Weighing 480 grams, it comes with a special offer of 1+1 free.

Enjoy numerous health benefits and savor the natural sweetness in every drop.

Experience a delectable and distinctive taste with this premium product.

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What is organic Turkish mulberry molasses?

Raspberry molasses is a type of molasses that has intense energy due to its carbohydrates. Molasses, which is very rich in minerals, is very beneficial for children, nursing mothers, and pregnant women.

It contains a lot of minerals such as iron, zinc and magnesium. in terms of focus, It supports the body with minerals, Just like mineral juices.

Arifoglu mulberry molasses is cooked using the finest fruits in a closed system without increasing the temperature above 80 degrees.

Packaged without the use of any preservatives. Since it is cooked with a special cooking technique using advanced technology
And it contains much more vitamins and minerals than jams cooked in open pots and cauldrons. ،

Mulberry molasses has been a favorite on the table for many years due to its wonderful, nutritious, healthy and energizing properties.

It is a food preferred by those who eat healthy sweets. and athletes who need energy, youth, and kids, and nursing mothers.

It is considered a very powerful antioxidant. It will protect you from many diseases if one tablespoon is taken regularly before going to bed and upon waking up

Number of calories in Organic Turkish Mulberry Molasses

Raspberry molasses contains about 300 calories per 100 grams. When you take 2 tablespoons daily, You get approximately 60 calories, It is actually the same number of calories in two cubes of sugar.

That is why it is recommended to drink 2 tablespoons of mulberry molasses for adults and 2 teaspoons for children.

Benefits of organic Turkish mulberry molasses

  • Raspberry molasses in addition to meeting most daily requirements for calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium, It is an ideal storehouse of iron for anemia.
  • Consuming blueberry juice increases the activity of bacteria in the digestive system and is beneficial for the health of the digestive system.
  • Raspberry juice contains a high percentage of B vitamins and is useful in balancing nerves and relieving fatigue and weakness.
  • The magnesium and phosphorous in blueberry syrup keep nerve cells alive and healthy.
  • Works in the treatment and prevention of constipation.
  • It contains vitamin A that strengthens the eyes and helps in the growth of nails.

Give yourself and your loved ones a chance for a healthy life with Arifoglu’s Turkish and Natural Mulberry Molasses.

Turkish mulberry molasses

You can read more about the benefits of berries from our article: Turkish berries

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