Green Therapy hair dye for all colors


With Green Therapy dye made from natural organic materials, You will get the color you have always dreamed of in an easy and natural way, without any damage to your hair. Delivery anywhere in the world to your door.

Weight 250 g


What is Green Therapy dye?

Green Therapy Organic Hair Dye, Available in 26 different colours.

Green Therapy Cream hair dye does not contain ammonia, PPD and Resorcinol ، But it is enriched with newly developed alternative raw materials.

Green Therapy hair dye moisturizes the hair and scalp and smoothes dry and brittle hair in a short time.

It is the perfect solution especially for hair that becomes dry and brittle from other hair colours. Thanks to its new formula containing high quality raw materials, Green Therapy dye preserves the nature of the hair and adds vitality and shine to it.


Its benefits are Green Therapy dye

If you are someone who wants to change the color of their hair, the Green Therapy organic hair dye is the perfect choice for you, as you will get great results with every use and at the same time you will preserve the nature of your hair.

Thanks to its organic ingredients that do not contain ammonia. You can determine your own hair color thanks to the wonderful and multiple shades of color.

While the dye adds needed moisture to the hair and scalp, dry and brittle hair is smoothed in no time by locking in moisture in the hair and scalp.

The sun’s rays are reflected in your hair wonderfully through this new system. Thanks to the proteins and amino acids it contains, it forms a protective layer around the hair and gives density and softness to the hair.

Green therapy organic hair dye is your perfect choice for perfect hair in the color you love.

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Weight 250 g


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