Yamash Kochovali ring, the hero of the pit series (Cukur) – 10 grams

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The ring of Yamash Kochovali, the hero of the famous Turkish series, Çukur.

Weight 120 g
وقت التجهيز للشحن 6-8 days


Yamash Kochovali Yamash Kochovali, the hero of the series The Pit or Çukur- 925 Sterling Silver Ring

You can own the same Yamash Koçovali ring worn by the Turkish actor “Arat Bulut Enimli” while he was playing the character “Yamaş”, the hero of the Çukur series, or the pit, which became famous in Turkey and the Arab world.

Yamash Kochovali ring


  • Available in many sizes small and large.
  • Weight is approximately 11 grams
  • Made of genuine 925 sterling silver.
  • Distinctive inscriptions
  • It adds to the general appearance with its distinctive shape.

Yamash Kochovali ring

The Pit story

The pit series “Çukur” is a Turkish drama series full of action, crime, gangs and all excitement.

The series talks about a neighborhood called the hole in Istanbul, which is controlled by the “Kuchova” family and their leader, “Idris,” the chief of that family. They work to help and protect the people of the neighborhood, while setting rules that they do not deviate from, such as preventing drug trafficking.

After a while, “Yamash” Ibn Idris decides to leave the neighborhood and go to another place to live a quiet life away from its events, then he meets a young girl with big dreams named Sana, then he falls in love with her and marries her.

But events pass and another group seizes the hole, which resulted in Yamash’s mother convincing him to return to the hole and leave his beloved, and then interesting adventures and exciting events begin.

The ring is a symbol of action and noble values indicated by the three dots in the famous series’ logo.

Order now the ring of Yamash Koçovali, the hero of the series, the Pit (Chokur), from BashaSaray

Additional information

Weight 120 g
وقت التجهيز للشحن 6-8 days


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