Peanut Chocolate Protein Bar – 16 Pieces

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Peanut Chocolate Protein Bar – 16 Pieces, indulge in the protein-rich, low-sugar chocolate bar for a better feeling throughout the day. Order now.

Weight 650 g


Peanut Chocolate Protein Bar – 16 Pieces from Qasr Al-Basha

A protein-rich chocolate bar from the Turkish brand SUPPLEMENTLER specializes in creating nutritional products for those leading an active lifestyle and caring about their food choices and snacks throughout the day.

What is the Peanut Chocolate Protein Bar from Masal Station?

It’s a delicious snack with a peanut flavor.

With dates, milk protein, and peanuts in its content, it provides you with 10 grams of protein in each bar.


Depending on your daily protein needs, you can consume 1-2 protein bars throughout the day.

Features of Masal Station’s Peanut Chocolate Protein Bar

  • Contains 25% protein per 40 grams of the bar.
  • Only 149 calories in one bar, helping you feel full.
  • Does not contain sweeteners like gluten and added sugar.
  • Delicious flavor.

About the Importance of Protein

Protein is essential for vital activities. It is mainly found in natural foods such as meat, milk, and eggs. Amino acids combine to form protein.

Proteins are especially important for people who engage in sports, follow a diet, or generally care about their health. Protein bars are your preferred dietary supplement.

Whey protein is a highly biologically valuable protein obtained from whey.

It mixes quickly with the blood and is absorbed very quickly. Whey protein is a pure source of protein that is fat-free and sugar-free.

Sometimes it is difficult for us to access high-quality protein sources with a regular diet. The easiest way to do this is to need a ready-made supplement to fill the protein deficiency. Thanks to the ease of mixing and the practical use of ready-made foods, it immediately meets your protein needs.

Order now Peanut Chocolate Protein Bar – 16 Pieces from Qasr Al-Basha, delivered to your doorstep.

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Weight 650 g


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