Sterling silver ring with black agate stone – 10 grams


Sterling silver ring with agate stone, model 1. Fast delivery to all countries of the world, from Bashasaray to your doorstep. Order now

Weight 115 g
وقت التجهيز للشحن 6-8 days
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Sterling silver agate stone ring
Model 1
925 sterling silver original

Fast delivery to all countries of the world from Bashasaray to your door. Order now

How do I know my ring size?

  • We send our products according to your finger size.
  • The best way to measure your finger is to measure your finger at a nearby jewelry store and provide us with the appropriate number.
  • Or by wrapping a string around the finger and determining the beginning and end and then measuring it on the ruler and providing us with the appropriate number.
  • You can order the ring and then find out the right size for you, as it takes 24 hours to prepare the ring.
  • in addition to, You can enlarge or reduce the size of the ring in a jewelry store after you receive it. Each silver ring can grow to 3-4 digits and shrink.
Measurements table

inner diameter (mm) Circumference(mm) measurement
15.7 49 9
16 50 10
16.3 51 11
16.51 52 12
16.92 53 13
17.35 54 14
17.70 55 15
18.10 56 16
18.43 57 17
18.60 58 18
18.84 59 19
19.10 60 20
19.42 61 21
19.74 62 22
20.05 63 23
20.37 64 24
20.69 65 25
21.01 66 26
21.33 67 27
21.65 68 28
21.96 69 29
22.28 70 30
22.60 71 31
22.92 72 32

About Turkish Ottoman Rings:

  • Silverware industry is one of the oldest industries in Turkey. Perhaps the most prominent people who imitated silverware were the sultans in the past, but today, silver rings studded with precious stones and engraved with Ottoman letters and Quranic verses are among the most prominent imitations of the Turkish and Arab people, especially the youth group.
  • The manufacture of silver rings is divided into two parts: the manual section, and the second is called the manufacturing method by casting wax casting.
  • As for the process of making a handmade ring, its initial stages begin with collecting 925-carat silver, then the silver is cast, which is the stage of melting and shaping silver by pouring it into some molds designated for that.
  • As for the molding industry, it is done by drawing wires on the machine with certain sizes, then the dimensions and lengths of the 925 silver rings required to be manufactured are taken, then the ring is made according to the drawings shown in its catalog, and we start working after cutting according to demand, and then it is formed according to the design we have Then the precious stone is attached to the ring, then polished and delivered to the customer.
  • Sometimes the manufacturing of a single ring may require both methods.
  • It is worth noting that the products are made of original 925 silver. We at BashaSaray store provide it from the original brand that manufactures Turkish series accessories.

Additional information

Weight 115 g
وقت التجهيز للشحن 6-8 days


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