925 silver Soleimani agate rosary

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Soleimani agate rosary, 925 silver, of luxurious caliber. Order now, fast shipping within 3-5 days, to your door.

Weight 150 g
وقت التجهيز للشحن 6-8 days
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925 silver Soleimani agate rosary

About the Turkish Ottoman Rosary:

Rosary industry is one of the oldest industries in Turkey. Perhaps the most prominent people who imitated the rosary are the sultans, men of knowledge, and the elderly in the past. Today, the rosary, including the silver beads made of precious stones and decorated with Ottoman letters and symbols, has become one of the most prominent imitations of the Turkish and Arab people, especially the youth group.

Turkish rosaries are famous for being an attractive world of rare lobes and stones. And there the amber and the morning light extolled, There is onyx, olive wood, moon eye, and coke wood. As well as onyx, opal and turquoise. As it is well known, the stone of ease is the most expensive. Amber is yellow and yellowish white, It is of the finest types, which tends to be blackish with a reddish color, and it is rare and rare. And other precious stones, which are sometimes clasped with original 925 silver.

The Turks have been using swimming pools since the fourteenth century. It is widely used by men. In addition to its primary mission of facilitating dhikr, Where it is attached to the corners of the mosques

for worshipers to use

The rosary has a special place in the hearts of the Turks as a craft, a trade, and a companion for many men who carry it in their hands during their travels and travels.
Throughout the history of Turkey, the rosary acquired a special place in the public conscience, and its use was not limited to adherents of a particular religion or members of a particular group, but was a common heritage in Turkish life.

Order now the 925 silver Soleimani agate rosary from Bashasaray, delivered to your door

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Weight 150 g
وقت التجهيز للشحن 6-8 days


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