Argivit Smart Drink for Children | 150 Ml

For our young children who are growing rapidly and need all the possible healthy support, we present to you Argivit Smart Drink! A specialized formula designed to meet the needs of children, enhanced with vitamins and minerals that help promote their growth and development.

Not only does it provide the health support they need, but it also comes in a delicious flavor that your children will love.

In a 150 ml packaging, it is the ideal choice to enhance your child’s daily health. With Argivit Smart Drink, let your children grow with strength and intelligence!

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Discover the world of creativity and excellence with Argivit Smart Drink for Children, the nutritional supplement that combines increased focus and enhanced intelligence. Give your children the opportunity to excel in their growth stage with a delicious taste and remarkable effects.

About the Product

Argivit Smart Drink 150 ml is a dietary supplement that provides 250 mg of arginine and 100 mg of choline per dose, along with 100 mg of carnitine and 100 mg of phosphatidylserine. It contains a specialized blend of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, Argivit Smart Drink comes in liquid form, making it an easier option for individuals who have difficulty using tablets or capsules.

Ingredients of Argivit Smart Drink

Each dose contains 150 ml of liquid. Its composition includes vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and a range of B vitamins, as well as minerals such as zinc, iron, selenium, chromium, copper, and manganese.

This product helps boost energy and overall health and can be part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Benefits of Argivit Smart Drink

  • Argivit Smart Drink is a nutritional supplement designed for children.
  • It aims to increase intelligence and improve brain function and memory. It contains a combination of phosphatidylserine and arginine, along with a range of vitamins and minerals that support children’s immunity and healthy growth.
  • Its unique formula enhances concentration and mental clarity, helping children achieve their maximum mental and physical potential.
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