Turkish Tea

Do you enjoy a warm and invigorating cup of tea? If so, you must try the delightful Turkish tea from Basha Saray Store. Known for its rich and unique flavor, Turkish tea is a symbol of hospitality and a must-have beverage in Turkish culture. Basha Saray Store offers a wide range of high-quality Turkish teas, carefully sourced from the best tea gardens in Turkey. Whether you prefer classic black tea or flavored varieties such as apple or rose, Basha Saray Store has something to satisfy every tea enthusiast’s palate. So grab a cup of Turkish tea from Basha Saray Store, sit back, and immerse yourself in the delightful experience of sipping this ancient and beloved beverage.

Dark brown tea bags

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Weight 1000 g

tea bag box

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Weight 1000 g

blackberry syrup – 40 gr

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Weight 40 g