Azerbaijani Arefoglu Soap – 125 gr

Calendula soap (Calendula medicinal herb), Supports the healing process of many skin conditions. Gentle cleansing soap helps cleanse your skin. Softens and refreshes from Bashasaray to your door. Order now

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About Calendula Soap (Calendula Medicinal Herb)

Learn about soaps that help restore tissue and damage it, It supports the healing process of many skin diseases. Gentle cleansing soap helps cleanse your skin. Soothes and refreshes.

  • It treats problems such as cracking and light burns; Accelerates the natural skin regeneration process.
  • Helps remove skin blemishes.
  • The soap is ideal for sunburn.
  • It is a good choice for the skin to protect and maintain its health with its refreshing scent.

Calendula soap ingredients

olive oil, Coconut Oil, walnut oil, And calendula oil, pure water, aces.

Turkish natural soap:

    • Handmade product containing extracts of natural flowers, herbs and plants.
    • It is a natural product and does not contain paraffin, silicone, alcohol, gelatin, colorants, or animal derivatives.
    • It does not contain any synthetic materials or fragrances, which makes it safe for sensitive and irritated skin.


The soap is applied to the skin and rubbed gently until the spread of foam, then rinsed with water.

Order now the calendula herb soap “Calendula” Arif Oglu to your door fromBashasaray


Learn about Turkish soap and its types through our article: Types of natural Turkish soap, its components and how to use it

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