Face and skin firming cream from Bioterra

Bioterra Organic Lifting Intense Face and Skin Cream, It is specially designed for dry and sensitive skin to tighten skin and gain elasticity.

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About Bioterra Organic Face and Skin Firming Cream

Bioterra Organic Skin Firming and Face Cream 50ml Firming and Elasticity Series is recommended for skin care after 35 years of age.

The Lifting series consists of a serum, an eye cream, and 2 face and skin firming creams.
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Features of Bioterra Organic Skin Firming and Face Cream

  • Gives a sense of firmness and flexibility.
  • An intense moisturizer suitable for those with dry skin.
  • It has a perfect texture that can be easily absorbed by the skin
  • It does not come into contact with air thanks to the pump head. So it does not produce bacteria.
  • smells nice, Its structure is thin and soft

Bioterra Organic Face and Skin Firming Cream Ingredients:

  • Female donkey’s milk, which is a rich source of ceramides, phospholipids and protein, which are essential materials for skin renewal and giving it a youthful appearance.
  • 64% aloe vera, with multiple benefits for the skin and skin, in addition to its important role in delaying the signs of aging, it fights the appearance of acne, treats scars, moisturizes the skin and protects it from dryness
  • monoi de tahiti, It is a pure and unique oil with a beautiful aroma that provides extreme hydration to the skin and gives it a soft touch
  • Prebiotics that rejuvenate skin cells and activate their natural defenses to maintain healthy moisture levels
  • Alberiti oil, rich in carotene, And absorbs ultraviolet rays (natural sunscreen).
  • Coconut Oil Rich in fatty acids that help nourish and protect the skin. Including linoleic acid, which contributes to strengthening the protective layer of the skin and allowing it to retain moisture.
  • Konjac is rich in nutrients and minerals that are good for the skin
  • Sweet gum oil, which has a range of face-lifting properties, improve skin texture, Smoothing wrinkles, making the skin soft and supple
  • Black currants are rich in vitamin C, which the skin needs to eliminate sagging skin. And getting rid of tanning.
  • The total content of the box is 100% obtained from natural and organic farming. Does not include synthetic chemicals.

How to use Bioterra Organic Face and Skin Firming Cream

  • Always apply the serum first, then the cream. We recommend that you buy Bioterra Lifting Serum along with this product. As joint use will increase the effect. It is available within our Bioterra products.

Advantages of Turkish Bioterra products:

– In the recent period, we see many products that contain the phrase “organic”, but even so, if there is no “certification logo” on the product, This means that the product does not meet organic standards.
The raw materials for manufacturing certified organic products are produced from organic farming. The issuing company monitors this process.
Certified organic products are a guarantee of respect for man and nature. Because natural ingredients are a uniquely balanced blend of the environment.
– It is guaranteed that organic care products are compatible with the health of individuals and nature without harming nature or disrupting its balance.
Bioterra products, like other synthetic products, do not leave any toxins on the skin, but rather protect and nourish the natural structure of the skin, hair and nails.
– Does not contain parabens, paraffin, smooth, smooth, silicone, sulfur, phosphates, vaseline, talc powder, Mineral oils and chemicals derived from petroleum.

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