Plain Delight Haji Mustafa – 1000 gr

Plain sweets of the finest types, Free of Colors and Nuts A traditional Turkish dessert is among the delicacies that many people enjoy

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Plain Delight, without any colorants or nuts , is a traditional Turkish dessert among the Turkish delicacies that many people enjoy

This type of lokum, with its traditional aroma and taste, succeeded in establishing the throne in the hearts of everyone, young and old

If you are looking for a place where you can buy fresh and high quality Turkish sweets online all this time, Rest assured that you are in the right place.

Components of sweets Gentlemen Haji Mustafa

beet sugar, Corn Starch, lemon salt, water, vanilla powder, icing sugar.


About Haji Mustafa Han Sweets:

All sweets are 100% fresh, not pre-packaged. We prepare it from the best ingredients to ensure the delicious taste and excellent quality that suits you to get the excellent experience of Turkish sweets from Haci Mustafa Han.

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What is the Delights of Haji Mustafa Han?

Delights of Haji Mustafa Han is considered one of the most famous desserts spread with its splendor and delicious foods these days, in forms that attract all those who visit or follow Turkey from all over the world.


How to store a package of plain sweetener Haji Mustafa

  1. Store at room temperature and do not expose to direct sunlight.
  2. It should not be put in the refrigerator.


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