Dogadan Green Tea Flavored With Bergamot 20 Bags

Dogadan Green Tea with Bergamot (20 sachets), a natural and healthy tea, the intense antioxidant composition of green tea and its refreshing effect meets the delicious aroma of bergamot, helps in losing weight

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About Dogadan Green tea flavored with bergamot

Green tea with bergamot (20 sachets) from Dogadan, A unique experience for green tea lovers with less caffeine content.

It is a version of the classic green tea brought to you in Dogadan. Infused with the refreshing scent of bergamot.

You can choose it safely for yourself and your family members, It has a relaxing and refreshing effect. jmake your tired day more enjoyable,

And you can serve it to your guests as a different flavor from regular tea.

Ingredients of Dogadan Green tea flavored with bergamot

  • Green tea (95%)
  • Bergamot flavour

Doğadan Turkish herbal tea benefits:

    • Calming the nerves of the human body and keeping it away from nervousness, Drinking a cup of herbal tea before going to bed relieves insomnia and depression.
    • Helps the digestive system to do its job. It relieves the stomach of indigestion and sick conditions such as diarrhea or constipation. It expels gases and relaxes the stomach.
    • anti-cancer, All types of Dogadan herbal teas contain antioxidants that are able to continuously renew cells and prevent them from abnormal divisions.
    • The body gets rid of excess weight and maintains the ideal weight, Especially Dogadan tea, which contains cinnamon and ginger. The pungent chemical combination in them leads to burning fat from the body and preventing its accumulation.
    • Relieves various pains spread throughout the body, such as headaches and toothaches. abdominal pain, It also relieves menstrual pain in women.
    • It treats digestive problems resulting from the common cold, such as cold, influenza, and coughing. A warm cup of herbal tea can fight the virus that causes the disease and prevent its spread.
    • It strengthens the body’s immune system and makes it produce more antibiotics in order to fight microbes and germs.
    • Protects the body from weak blood and anemia.
    • fights premature aging and wrinkles, As a result of Dogadan tea containing antioxidants.
    • Rejuvenates the skin’s freshness and gives it a pink color. It strengthens hair and prevents breakage.
    • treat acne, Many types of Dogadan tea contain vitamin A, which is known for its ability to fight pimples. And acne.

Dogadan green tea product experiences with bergamot flavor

These ratings are taken from the buyers’ comments on the Turkish Trendyol website:

  • The most delicious green tea I’ve ever had! If you like bergamot, You should try it.
  • It has a great scent for bergamot lovers.
  • It tastes very nice
  • I like the smell of bergamot very much, And I am very happy to have discovered it
  • I love him , And the smell of bergamot is amazing. Those who do not want green tea to be intense should take it without thinking.
  • It is very pleasant to drink

Price of Dogadan Green Tea Flavored with Bergamot

Qasr Al-Pasha offers you a mixture of bergamot tea and green tea (20 bags) at a price of $5.09. Fast home delivery


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