Nespresso Lattissima One F111 | Espresso Machine

Nespresso Lattissima One F111 espresso machine with 100 complimentary capsules. Order now from Qasr Al Basha with worldwide shipping. Delivery within 3 days.


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For milk recipe enthusiasts

Thanks to its easy and innovative design, it detects the amount of milk you add and automatically prepares cappuccino or latte macchiato at the touch of a button.

Adjust the size according to your cup

You can automatically set the amount of coffee you want to drink according to the size of your cup. If you prefer milk coffee, the capsule coffee machine can automatically adjust the amount of ingredients you need to use.

Flow rate under machine control

You don’t need to monitor it while your device pours the coffee into the cup. While taking care of these necessary actions, you handle something else, let the flow control be entirely in it. When it reaches an adequate amount, it stops flowing automatically, and there’s nothing like coffee overflowing from the cup.

Multiple coffee preparation techniques

  • Instead of one type of coffee, you can get capsules for any coffee type you want.
  • Choose from a variety of coffee types such as cappuccino, lungo, and espresso and drink something strong or light as you wish
  • Its simplicity suits your kitchen well
  • Its design is very elegant and simple at the same time. It won’t have much trouble fitting in with your other kitchen elements.

Strong pressure bar

Applying a high pressure of 19 bars ensures that the capsules touch the same amount of water from all sides. When water contacts the capsule evenly, the aroma can be more pronounced. You enjoy the coffee you drink more.

Capsules don’t lose their aroma

The capsules are specially prepared for this machine and are designed to be airtight. It reaches you without any external interference, and you feel its intense aroma.

Order the LATTISSIMA ONE F111 machine now to make espresso with 100 complimentary capsules from Qasr Al Basha delivered to your doorstep.

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