Okka Grandio OK005 Coffee Machine – Chrome

Okka Grandio OK005 – Chrome Coffee Machine: Order now from Qasr Al Pasha for worldwide shipping within 3 to 7 business days. Enjoy the convenience of brewing delicious Turkish coffee with this innovative coffee machine.

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About the Okka Grandio OK005 – Chrome Coffee Machine:

Smart Water Technology

The OKKA Grandio uses Smart Water Technology to adjust the amount of water used for the appropriate portion of coffee. An intelligent sensor in the water tank detects the water level and displays on the touch panel the number of cups of Turkish coffee you can make based on the available water.

Turkish Coffee Experience

Enjoy the slow brewing process for a delightful experience of roasted Turkish coffee.

Brew Up to 4 Cups

This machine allows you to brew up to 4 cups of coffee in one go.

Touch Panel

The touch panel offers maximum ease of use, allowing you to make Turkish coffee with just one touch. You can also view all warnings and notifications on the touch panel with interactive alerts.

Cup Size Adjustment

Customize the cup size with three different options.

Automatic Boiling and Altitude Detection

The machine has a smart system that automatically detects the boiling point, ensuring you can make Turkish coffee with the same flavor anywhere in the world by detecting the ideal cooking temperature based on its location.

The boiling point of the water depends on the difference in altitude relative to sea level, and the device determines this automatically.

When used for the first time, the device automatically detects the boiling point.

Smart Cooking Sensor

Prevents overflowing during the brewing process by stopping cooking at the right time using the Smart Preparation Sensor.

Sound and Light Alerts

The system provides both audible and visual warnings to guide you through the brewing process.

Washable Coffee Pot

The coffee pot is designed to resist water, making it easy to clean.

You can order the Okka Grandio OK005 in Chrome from Qasr Al Pasha, with worldwide shipping in 3 to 7 business days, to enjoy the perfect cup of Turkish coffee made with this innovative coffee machine.

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