Pistachio Baklava Rolls – Large

Twisted baklava with pistachio 2.200 grams Express delivery to all countries of the world within three to five working days from Bashasaray to your door. Order now


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Pistachio Baklava Rolls with its symmetrical shape and authentic Ottoman taste, weight between 1900 and 2200 g.

  • We convey to you the quality of the Turkish confectionery industry. We guarantee a unique experience that takes you into a magical and ancient atmosphere.
  • When you dip your fork into or bite into this baklava, You’ll hear a pleasant crunch before you swallow it. It is the crunchy thinness of the dough and the quality of its cooking, because the thinner the dough, the tastier and smarter the baklava becomes. Especially stuffed with pistachio.
  • The middle layer contains a large amount of deliciously crushed pistachios. Which is the type that was cut early because it has a special aromatic smell.
  • We will deliver it to you in a size of 1 kilo for you, so that you can share the sweet moments.
  • It consists of many slices of crispy and crunchy baklava.
  • It has a golden color which indicates elaborate cooking.
  • Leave delicious taste in the mouth for a period you can enjoy longer.
  • The method of packing the product preserves its freshness for the longest time, until the last piece.

Some accounts say that baklava entered the Turkish cuisine from the Asian sides, and that its roots go back to the Assyrian civilization. It first appeared in the Ottoman kitchen in the seventeenth century. And in that period, the special baklava festival was held, which became one of the most important annual celebrations. It was given to the upper class in Topkapi Palace. Baklava still maintains its fame to date. It was registered as the first Turkish product in 2003.

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Order now Baklava Mabrouma with Pistachio 2.200 grams from Bashasaray delivered to your door.

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