Quad Cube Candle Holder

Luxurious Turkish Quadruple Cube Candle Holder

Crafted with expertise from the finest Turkish wood to hold candles, this exquisite piece is perfect for any home.

With an elegant and modern design, it adds a touch of sophistication to any room decor.

The smooth wooden cubes seamlessly blend with your existing furniture and accessories.

Whether you’re looking for something unique for your dining room table or just want to add a distinctive touch to your living space, this quadruple cube candle holder is sure to please.

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Quadruple Candle Holder from Qasr Al-Basha

About the Quadruple Cube Candle Holder

An oval-shaped candle holder designed to accommodate 4 candles with a luxurious and adorned appearance.

Made from sturdy wood and embellished with brass pieces to give it an antique look, it creates a distinctive and serene atmosphere wherever it is placed.

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