Japanese matcha tea with apricot – 160 gr

The original Japanese matcha tea with many benefits for the body, with a distinctive apricot flavor.

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Ingredients for Japanese matcha tea with apricot

matcha green tea (25%), Apricot (12.5%), Spirulina, Cinnamon, L-Carnitine, sandalwood, chromium picolones (containing 120 mcg of chromium), L-arginine, stevia, tragacanth.

Net quantity per box: 20 pieces x 8 grams = 160 grams.

Matcha slimming tea

Benefits of matcha tea

  • Japanese matcha tea contributes to protecting the liver, eliminating toxins, and reducing the risk of liver disease.
  • Matcha tea helps boost brain function. improve its performance, stimulate attention and focus, In addition to strengthening memory and preventing Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Matcha tea is one of the richest drinks in antioxidants. Which contribute to the prevention of cell damage and reduce the incidence of many chronic diseases.
  • The components of Japanese matcha tea contribute to reducing stress and improving mood. It increases the production of dopamine and serotonin, It helps a person to relax because it contains theanine.
  • Matcha tea helps maintain heart health and protect it from disease and stroke. In addition to reducing levels of harmful cholesterol and triglycerides in the body.


How to prepare Japanese matcha tea with apricots

It is recommended to consume 1 packet (8 gm) of the powder mixed with 200 ml of water or milk twice a day. After a meal on a full stomach.

Beginner consumers can start with one bottle per day. Then they can use 2 packs over time.

Because matcha tea contains a stimulant, which is caffeine, it is better not to drink it in the pre-sleep period, as this may cause activity, insomnia, or difficulty sleeping.

Matcha powder

The difference between original and imitation matcha tea

You can distinguish the original tea by noting the signs that must be present in it, including:

  1. To be in the form of a powder with very fine particles.
  2. To carry a beautiful and herbal scent.
  3. to be distinctly bright green in color, But if it is yellow, brown, or pale green, then this means that it is old or adulterated.

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