Arifoğlu Tea Tree And Juniper Extract Shampoo – 400ml

Arifoğlu’s Tea Tree and Juniper Shampoo, 400ml, is ideal for anyone looking to revitalize their scalp and hair.

It is made from natural ingredients that refresh, nourish, and cleanse the hair and scalp. Tea tree oil helps soothe inflammation, while burdock stimulates the scalp. It’s a perfect choice for those seeking a gentle and effective cleanser to keep their scalp looking healthy and vibrant.

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About tea tree shampoo with juniper

Arifoğlu’s gentle Tea Tree and Juniper Shampoo is formulated with Juniper and tea tree extracts, along with other plant extracts.

This highly effective shampoo is designed for hair with issues like dandruff and severe hair loss.

Juniper : Juniper is a tree that grows in many countries around the world and is often used in medicine and pharmaceuticals. Burdock fruit is highly valuable for both skin and hair, and burdock extract acts as an effective hair purifier.

It is a wonderful hair cleanser and helps eliminate skin inflammation problems in hair follicles like dandruff.

Tea Tree: Tea tree oil is derived from a plant called Melaleuca alternifolia, or the Australian tea tree, whose benefits are endless, especially for skin and hair. Tea tree strengthens the hair and promotes overall scalp health.

This shampoo is produced with high-quality, effective ingredients and is free from parabens and artificial colors.

Tea tree

Benefits of Tea Tree and Juniper Shampoo

  • Balances the hair’s oiliness.
  • Protects the scalp.
  • Maintains the balance of oils in hair follicles.
  • Adds elasticity to hair strands.
  • Leaves hair looking vibrant and shiny.



 Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Unpasteurized Honey, Black Oat Seed Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Burdock Oil.

100% Natural and Organic: The entire content is obtained from natural and organic cultivation. It does not contain SLS, Sles, silicones, parabens, paraffin, sulfates, phosphates, vaseline, talc powder, mineral oil, or petroleum-derived chemicals.

How to Use

 Apply to wet hair, massage the scalp gently, and rinse thoroughly. Leave for at least 3 minutes during the second application, massage the scalp, and rinse well. Avoid contact with eyes.

Usage Frequency: Suitable for frequent use, wash every two days for ideal care.

About Arifoğlu

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Esma Arifoğlu and her father Ahmet Arifoğlu started selling Arifoğlu products in 1944 at the historical Egyptian Spice Bazaar (Mısır Çarşısı) in Istanbul, Turkey.

Their products quickly gained people’s trust and expanded over the years, becoming one of the most important and largest Turkish brands that produce spices, food products, and natural cosmetics made from organic materials. These products are exported to various countries worldwide.

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