Wooden Hourglass Timer – 560 grams

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Wooden Sand Timer 560 grams from Qasr Al Pasha

This piece is a must-have for your office, your room, and your home. It allows you to measure time in style wherever it’s placed.

Order now for an elegant touch to your surroundings.

Weight 560 g


Wooden Sand Timer 560 grams from Qasr Al Pasha

About the Wooden Sand Timer Product

 High-quality wooden frame and smooth-flowing sand. Great birthday, wedding, and Christmas gift. Perfect for studying, meetings, cooking, exercising, and playing games. Materials: Wood, glass, and sand.

Product Features

 Suitable for gifts, kitchen cooking, exercise timing, wedding gifts, bedroom, office, handmade crafts, home furnishing decoration, personal collection, classrooms, table decoration, restaurant, home living room, festivals, coffee table, bookshelf.

These sand timers are designed for daily use and are not precise timing devices, so there might be a slight deviation in time. There could be deviations in time and size of up to 6% as the flow rate of sand can be affected by temperature and humidity.

High-quality solid material and exquisite craftsmanship are used to make the sand timer. With luxurious craftsmanship and modern fashion design, it is wonderful and beautiful, silently recording every second.

The sand flows slowly; you can enjoy the beautiful time and wonderful memories. It is a cool timer. It is very easy to develop children’s sense of time because the sand timer makes timing more fun. The sand glows like stars, making your space no longer dull.

Order now the 560 grams Wooden Sand Timer from Qasr Al Pasha, delivered to your doorstep.

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Weight 560 g


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