Luxurious Turkish coffee cups with a box of sweets

Turkish coffee set, with a box of candy and a serving dish, different colors in a distinctive and unique shape. Fast shipping from Al-Pasha Palace to your doorstep. Order now


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About Turkish coffee set:

  • Turkey, especially Istanbul, is famous for making copper and silverware from the days of the Ottoman sultans and kings to the present day. Especially the gold-plated ones, as Turkey was and still is at the forefront of countries that care about home decoration, especially the heritage one.
  • Perhaps the most prominent of what you may find in the market of hand-made brass: Copper coffee pots, which we still see to this day throughout Istanbul, The copper pot was closely associated with making coffee on the sand.
  • We also find in Turkish restaurants in the morning a spread of the copper frying pan, in which eggs are cooked with vegetables, or what is known as the Turkish omelette, where the restaurant serves eggs with the frying pan at the same time.
  • Do not forget the Ottoman coffee cups and tea cups with lids, which are available in three colors: silver, copper, bronze or gold. Which is one of the most prominent features of the Ottoman heritage and closely linked to the Ottoman civilization. It is embossed or decorated with distinctive inscriptions and drawings.
  • The double teapot is one of the most famous copper teapots that you can see, which is indispensable at all times and on all occasions in Turkey. You may notice the development of this type of jug, such as a samovar, or something that has a water outlet at the bottom or a heat heater. or electrical.
  • The copperware industry is a wide and huge industry that extended to the manufacture of cups, utensils, pots, and household trays. It also expanded to include home décor, mirrors, and even the clothing of the old Ottoman soldiers.
  • All offered products are provided to you according to the engraving or drawing available at the supplier. From Bashasaray to your doorstep.

Order now a set of two coffee cups with a box of candy and a serving plate in different colors from Bashasaray, delivered to your door

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