Mehmet Efendi Coffee Turkish Coffee Pack

Mehmet Efendi Coffee The premium Turkish coffee pack by Mehmet Efendi is for coffee lovers. Fast delivery from Bashasaray to anywhere in the world to your door.

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If you are a fan of Turkish coffee, this product is for you. Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee Collection.

The Pack consists of:

  • Mehmet Efendi Ottoman Coffee Box 250 gr.
  • 2 cups of luxurious Turkish coffee with its small plates.
  • Copper Dallah for making Turkish coffee

The case comes in a decently designed cardboard box

To save the group’s products, they come to you well packaged.

Mehmet Efendi is one of the leading companies in the Turkish coffee industry, with its Ottoman history. It is most popular with locals and tourists alike.

  • It is prepared in an ideal way and is sold in huge quantities daily, amounting to more than a ton. Locals and tourists flock to it from various places, and they stand in lines that may last for hours.
  • The coffee beans are made from the highest quality Arabica beans.
  • Ottoman coffee is characterized by its delicious taste and the fact that it remains fresh from the day of its production until its completion.
  • This coffee is one of its strongest products, as it is exported to more than 40 countries and then exported by those countries to the rest of the world.

Mehmet Efendi Coffee Turkish Coffee Pack

Order now the Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee Set from Bashasaray , delivered to your door.

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