Bioterra Natural Intensive Facial Toner | 250 ml

Bioterra Instense Hydra Tonic, Organic Facial Toner, Provides deep cleansing of the skin from oil secretion, air pollution, and makeup residue. Designed for sensitive and dry skin

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Bioterra Natural Intensive Facial Toner Details:

Bioterra Instense Hydra Tonic is a natural facial toner that can be used after cleansing the skin, as it rids it of oil secretion and makeup residue left on the skin. It is suitable for dry and sensitive skin

Bioterra natural toner ingredients

Biotera Organic Toner is the best toner for dry and sensitive skin because it contains the following ingredients:

  • Golden strawberry extract that contains natural nutrients that help provide the skin with proper nourishment, It also lightens it
  • 60% aloe vera, which has many benefits for the skin, including that it works to moisturize it, get rid of its dryness, and fight aging and signs of aging.
  • lavender: It cleanses the skin very effectively and helps reduce redness and irritation caused by some skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. It is useful for getting rid of acne.
  • Palmarosa essential oil works great to moisturize and balance oily and dry skin.
  • Prebiotic: which is moisturized, anti wrinkle, Supports collagen

Features and Benefits of Bioterra Natural Facial Toner

  • Suitable for sensitive skin and dry skin
  • It provides the natural pH of the skin and prepares it for care.
  • Removes residual oil secretions on the skin after cleansing with gel or milk, and removes makeup residue.
  • Purifies the skin from calcareous water
  • Accelerates blood circulation.
  • All content obtained 100% from natural and organic farming. Contains no synthetic chemicals.

How to use Bioterra Natural Facial Toner

  • 2-3 drops of the pump are placed on the cotton.
  • Gently wipe the face.
  • The face is not washed and remains on the skin.

Bioterra natural face toner price

Bioterra natural facial toner priceAl-Basha store provides you with a 30% discount when you purchase Bioterra natural facial toner, at a price of $ 20.83 + shipping charges, delivered to the door of the house

Advantages of Biotera Natural Organic Products

  • Not every herbal or natural product indicates that it is an organic product.
    In our time, many products may contain the phrase “organic”, and despite that, if there is no “certification logo” on the product, This indicates that the product does not meet organic standards.
  • Certified international organic products causing chemical and environmental pollution, It does not contain pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and genetically modified organisms.
  • The raw materials for certified organic products are produced using organic farming. The issuing institution also monitors this process.
    Certified organic products are a guarantee of respect for humans and the environment. Because natural ingredients are a uniquely balanced blend of nature.
  • Biotera ensures that the customer meets organic care products compatible with human health and nature without harming nature or disturbing its balance
  • Like synthetic products, Bioterra products leave no toxins on your skin and protect and nourish the natural structure of nails, skin and hair.
  • Biotera products do not contain talc. Mineral oils and chemicals derived from petroleum. Smooth, smooth, silicone, paraben, paraffin, sulfur, phosphate, vaseline.


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