Bioterra Organic Oil for Cellulite Treatment | 100ml

Bioterra Organic Oil is the best proven cellulite treatment. Bioterra Organic Oil is considered the best proven treatment for cellulite. Its rich and special blend of organic and essential oils helps prevent cellulite formation with regular use, providing a high level of care and targeted results.

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Bioterra Organik Anti-cellulite Oil is a blend of organic oils used in the treatment of cellulite

The natural organic ingredients in its composition make it more reliable, and each vegetable oil in its formula has been carefully proportioned to provide maximum impact and benefit. It is among our favorite products.

Features and Benefits of Bioterra Organic Oil for Cellulite Treatment

  • The proportion of each vegetable oil in its formula has been carefully prepared to provide maximum impact and benefit.
  • Accelerates blood circulation.
  • Accelerates fat burning.
  • Speeds up the firming process by providing skin elasticity.
  • Provides smoothness to the skin.

Ingredients of Bioterra Organic Oil for Cellulite Treatment

  • Turmeric oil Turmeric naturally contains substances that help tighten the skin, and it helps strengthen blood circulation in the areas where it is applied.
  • Coconut oil, which contains fatty acids that help enhance fat burning and cellulite reduction.
  • Shea butter, which contains a high percentage of fatty acids, and other vegetable oils that penetrate the inner layers of the skin and nourish them, maintaining the skin’s softness and elasticity, and stimulating the production of structural elastin and collagen responsible for connecting the skin tissues together, making it play an important role in cellulite removal and treatment.
  • Vitamin E, which fights cellulite due to its antioxidant properties, and also contributes to the delivery of oxygen to the skin layers, eliminating fat deposits that cause cellulite.
  • Castor oil contains acids that work to open closed pores, burn fat, and tighten the skin.
  • Grapefruit peel oil, an essential oil that eliminates toxins and impurities from the skin.
  • Lemon peel oil, due to its richness in vitamin C, it helps fight cellulite in the body and also eliminates toxins from the skin.
  • Birch oil acts as a vasodilator: It stimulates blood circulation in the body, which helps reduce fluid and fat retention in the skin.
  • Rosemary oil Rosemary essential oil has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties, in addition to its moisturizing properties, it improves blood circulation under the skin and eliminates toxins.
  • Orange peel oil works to support skin health, preserve its youthfulness, and enhance it with antioxidants. It protects it from germs.

How to use Bioterra Organic Oil for Cellulite Treatment

  • It is recommended to use regularly for at least 4 weeks for cellulite products.
  • Suitable for use after or before showering.
  • It should be applied by massage and tapping.
  • It should be left for one hour.
  • In addition to daily use, it is also applied by massage before showering for more effective results.
    When water touches the skin in the bath, the combination of hibiscus and coconut oil increases water drainage. Grapefruit oil provides smoothness to the skin by breaking down oils.

Price of Bioterra Organic Oil for Cellulite Treatment

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Advantages of Bioterra Turkish Products

  • This product is certified by Etko Cosmos for organic products valid worldwide.
  • Today, the term “organic” can be found in many products;. If the product does not have a “certification logo,” it means that the product does not meet organic standards.
  • Internationally certified organic products, such as Bioterra, are free from pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and genetically modified organisms.
  • The raw materials for certified organic products in Bioterra are produced through organic farming, and this process is regulated by the relevant certification authority.
  • Bioterra products do not leave any toxic residues on the skin, such as artificial additives. They protect and nourish the natural structure of the skin, hair, and nails.

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