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Mixed Delight Hafez Mustafa 2 kg + Free Mehmet Effendi Coffee

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Offer Hafez Mustafa Mix Delight 2 kg + Free Muhammad Effendi Coffee. Order now from Bashasaray with fast shipping to your door.

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On the offer of Hafez Mustafa Mixed Delight 2 kilos + free Muhammed Effendi coffee

When you buy a box of mixed lokum from Hafez Mustafa, get a box of Mehmet Effendi coffee for free

Turkish Delight

Turkish delight is one of the most famous and oldest types of Turkish sweets. Its origins began in Turkey nearly 500 years ago. It is a jelly candy. served in small bites easy to chew and tasty It is made from starch and sugar and has a variety of flavors and colors depending on the additional ingredients inside.

The name came from the Arabic language, where it was called “rahat-ul hulkum”. This is because its taste is soothing to the throat. Then the name was changed and shortened to become “Lokum”.

As for its name in the English language, it is “Turkish delights”, a name given to it by a British traveler who visited Istanbul at the end of the nineteenth century. He tried it and was very impressed by its taste, so he decided to take it to his country, where he called it by this name.

The best kind of Turkish delight

Mixed Delight Hafez Mustafa 2 kg + Free Mehmet Effendi Coffee


Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is one of the most famous and oldest drinks in Turkey, the Middle East and many countries around the world. In addition to its rich flavor and stimulating effect on the body, It gives an atmosphere that makes it a popular daily drink on ordinary days, special occasions and others, since the days of the Ottoman Caliphate until today.

Turkish coffee and its ancient Ottoman history

Mixed Delight Hafez Mustafa 2 kg + Free Mehmet Effendi Coffee


History of Hafiz Mustafa HAFIZ MUSTAFA

Hafiz Mustafa

The history of Hafez Mustafa Sweets began in 1864. During the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Aziz, When Hafiz Mustafa’s father, Ismail Hakkibey, started making sweets in the basement of his building in the Eminönü Bahçekapı district of Istanbul , he gained a good reputation because people admired his sweets.

His son, Hafez Mustafa Ismail, was a muezzin in the Arbasilar Mosque. However, he also loved the field of sweets and was interested in it. So he learned from his father to make Turkish sweets and started helping him. He invested the spread of Turkish sweets around the world, added to the traditional confectionery industry, The production of coffee, tea, chocolate, lokum and other products that spread to different countries.

Hafez Mustafa won 11 medals in the field of making pastries and sweets in Europe between 1926 and 1938. And his son Jamil Bey continued the same path of success and expansion after him. A book has been written about Hafez Mustafa, called “The Secrets of Hafez Mustafa,” by the Colombian author Francisco Leal Quevedo.

Today, Hafez Mustafa sweets shops are the most famous destination for tourists who want to taste the delicious original taste of various types of Turkish sweets. In addition to being exported to many countries of the world.

Learn more about Hafez Mustafa by reading our article: Hafez Mustafa Cafe and Sweets 1864

Order now the offer of Mix Delight Hafez Mustafa 2 kg + Free Muhammad Effendi Coffee, delivered to your door within 3-7 working days.

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Weight 2500 g
Processing Time 24 hours


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