Turkish Green Tea for Slimming – Dogadan | 20 sachets

Dogadan Turkish Natural Green Tea 20 Bags, a natural and healthy tea for lovers of the classic taste of green tea

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About Dogadan Turkish Natural Green Tea:

Dogadan Turkish natural green tea (20 bags) leaves selected from the finest types of natural green tea. Each leaf of tea gives the distinctive flavor of natural tea

Benefits of Turkish green tea Dogadan

  • Green tea contains great nutritional value that protects against cardiovascular diseases
  • green tea when consumed regularly; It provides important protection against cardiovascular disease by lowering total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglyceride levels in the blood.

Benefits of Turkish green tea for slimming

Green tea supports weight loss, as the effect of green tea on slimming is no secret. And the reviews of those who lose weight with the help of green tea have always been positive.

Green tea is a low-calorie drink. It is a useful drink for those who keep fit. Not only because of its low calorie content, But also thanks to the ingredients it contains. . As the caffeine and catechin components in it accelerate the metabolism and thus support the weight loss process.

Benefits of Turkish green tea for slimming

Calories in a cup of green tea

One cup of green tea contains only two calories

How to prepare a cup of natural green tea Dogadan

  • Add 150-250ml (a large cup) of freshly boiled hot water to an envelope of green tea leaves.
  • To take advantage of the stimulating effect of caffeine, It is drunk after steeping for 3-5 minutes.

Note: If the tea has been steeped for more than 10 minutes, Caffeine and polyphenols bind to form a complex and the stimulating effect of caffeine is lost.
On the other hand, It has been empirically proven that the warnings in ancient records that adding milk to tea, The polyphenols present in the tea will form an insoluble complex with the milk proteins. And it will destroy the antioxidant effect of tea.

My experience with Dogadan green tea

This is a collection of quotes from some of the natural green tea Buyers’ Reviews of Dogadan on the Turkish Trendyol website:

  • Dogadan green tea is my only choice. The scent is perfect for me. nature for years.
  • I drink a lot of it He is very sweet
  • As mentioned inside, It’s really soft and pleasant. It is a high quality tea that i have consumed for years and it is unlike any other green tea.
  • Very beautiful, The tea I always drink
  • My favorite green tea is from nature ❤️
  • Very tasty and high quality
  • Green drinks are my favorite feature. I recommend it to those who are new to drinking green tea.

Dogadan Turkish Natural Green Tea Price

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