Arefoglu Dried Dandelion Herb for Slimming – 50 grams

A Highly Beneficial Medicinal Plant that Keeps You Full and Speeds Up the Metabolism.

Dandelion herb is an extremely beneficial medicinal plant that keeps a person feeling full and accelerates the digestion process.

You can create a healthy beverage by making herbal tea from dandelion herb.


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Circaea Herb: A Natural Slimming Aid

You might have heard about Circaea herb in conversations about diets and weight loss. Dandelion herb is an extremely medicinal plant that keeps you feeling full and speeds up the metabolism.

Its history dates back to Mesopotamia and it has been a beneficial plant used since the Ottoman era.

Circaea Herb

Benefits of Circaea Herb

  • Circaea herb has a natural laxative effect and provides a solution for constipation issues.
  • It is believed to aid the body in burning fat.
  • Thanks to the feeling of fullness it provides, it helps you eliminate unnecessary meals.
  • When consumed moderately, it has positive effects on the digestive and excretory system. It is known to alleviate indigestion and gas pains.
  • It can speed up the metabolism, thus contributing to weight loss efforts.
  • It supports the body in restoring intestinal flora, which is related to many diseases, back to health.
  • It has a regulatory effect on blood pressure.

How to Use Circaea Herb

To get the most out of Circaea herb, you should drink it. You can create a healthy beverage by making herbal tea from dandelion herb.

It is not suitable to consume Circaea herb in its dry form. The best way is to steep it with some hot water.

You’ll need about 10 grams of dandelion herb for this. Put the herbs in 250 ml of boiling water and steep them.

The steeping time should not exceed 5 minutes. Then strain the water and drink.

If you prefer, you can boil it with the same amount of water and drink it. However, Ibrahim Saracoglu does not recommend preparing the herbs by boiling. Boiled plants lose their nutritional value.

Circaea herb will provide your body with the energy it needs. In your body that receives energy, metabolism will accelerate, and fat burning will begin.

There will be water loss on the days you consume Circaea herb, and it is necessary to compensate for the lost water by drinking plenty of water.

You can support your intestines to function more actively just by drinking water.

At the same time, Circaeaherb has a satiating effect. If you drink a cup of herbal tea before going to bed at night, you will wake up stronger and can prevent your hunger at night.

Circaea Herb

Using Circaea Herb in Diet

 For weight loss when using Circaea herb, you should first follow the diet list prepared for you.

You can include Circaea herb in the option of herbal tea for snacks.

As it will help speed up the intestines, it helps you lose weight more easily by following a diet.

The sluggish metabolism, which is one of the biggest obstacles to weight loss, will heal and become active thanks to dandelion herb.

Dandelion herb, which also provides the necessary vitamins while slimming, should be consumed in a calculated amount.

Do not exceed 250-300 ml of herbal tea during the day.

It is recommended to determine the feeding times and pay attention to the 12 hours between each meal.

About Arefoglu

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Esma Arefoglu and her father Ahmet Arefoglu started selling Arifoglu products in 1944 at the historical Egyptian Spice Bazaar Mısır Çarşısı in Istanbul, Turkey.

It quickly gained people’s trust and expanded over the years to become one of the most important and largest Turkish brands producing spices, food products, and natural organic beauty products.

Arefoglu’s products range from over 1000 natural products, including spices, herbs, essential oils, fragrances, honey, sauces, pastes, and natural cosmetics.

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