Turkish rose tea 1 kilo

Turkish rose tea 1 kilo fresh and one of the finest Turkish varieties. Fast delivery to all countries of the world from Bashasaray to your door.

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Turkish rose tea flowers 1 kilo from Bashasaray to your doorstep and one of the finest Turkish varieties

turkish tea, Great Taste and Popularity:

  • Tea is an important element in Turkish culture, not only as a drink like any drink, but it represents hospitality and friendship. It is a way to break the ice between strangers and the beginning of an enjoyable conversation between any two people. When tea is offered to you, it is a way to welcome you and your visit. Tea is found in villages. Small Turkish and large cities and all over the country and it is widely consumed within families, shops and restaurants. Tea is one of the basic elements that exist among Turkish men’s gatherings and an essential point around which the family gathers at home, and most villages in Turkey have a special place in which they drink tea.
  • Tea is mostly produced on the Black Sea coast of Turkey. Due to the mild climate, high levels of rainfall, and fertile soil, the region is an excellent place for tea cultivation. A number of tea plantations can also be found at the Georgian border to Trabzon. Tea is produced between May and October. The leaves are collected and left until they wither and are easy to break.
  • Statistics showed; The Turkish people are the most consuming people of tea in the world. The Turks also have a special way of making tea through the double jug or the samovar, which gives it a distinctive and delicious flavor.

Benefits of Turkish tea:

  • Turkish tea is considered one of the best types of tea because it grows far from the equator. Also, tea in Turkey is characterized by the fact that it does not contain chemicals or agricultural pesticides during its cultivation. Therefore, it is the best for human health.
  • Tea helps to increase calorie burning rates in the body. strengthens immunity, Also, eating it constantly reduces weight and prevents colds.
  • Turkish tea gives you a large amount of anti-aging antioxidants. If you want to get the gracefulness of the Turks and the beauty of their skin, You only need to drink two to three cups of Turkish tea daily.
  • Promotes oral and dental health, Because it contains natural antibiotics, such as polyphenols, tannin, This helps kill bacteria that cause tooth decay.
  • strengthens memory, stimulates the work of the brain and nerves, Because it contains caffeine, which stimulates the nervous system. It is considered an energy booster and body efficiency drink.
  • useful for the digestive system, because it contains a substance called “tannins”, that facilitate digestion, It helps the stomach and intestines get rid of toxins. It prevents diarrhea, It reduces the activity of bacteria in the intestines. reduces intestinal infections, It relieves symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • prevents premature wrinkles, and acne, It helps in regeneration of skin cells. giving it freshness and brilliance, When applying tea compresses to the skin, helps heal sunburn, And reduce dark circles
  • Under the eye, if soaked, cold compresses are used.

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