Turkish spice basket, large size, 520 grams

A set of Turkish spices, large size, 520 grams, the finest Turkish agricultural crops for a variety of uses, fast shipping to countries around the world, from the Bashasaray to your door

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About Turku Baba’s Turkish Spice Basket

Basket of Turkish spices, large size, 520 grams, from Turku Baba, from Bashasaray

A variety of the best Turkish spices, distinguished for their various uses

Types of spices and their names in the basket

salad spices, ottoman spices, coriander , peppermint paprika, curry, saffron, sumac, cumin , oregano, Coarse coriander.

Ground red pepper, ground black pepper, black pepper flakes, thyme, anise, meatball spice, meat seasoning

Benefits of Turkish spices:

2- Cleansing the bronchi in the respiratory system, helps to get rid of asthma, treating colds, especially hot peppers; This is because it contains a number of essential oils that help in treating digestive problems. and cleanses the stomach, And help get rid of ulcers, It also expels gases and toxins.

4- It protects the body from developing some types of cancers; This is because many types of spices contain antioxidants such as cumin, And ginger in addition to cloves.

5- Reduces the level of fat and harmful cholesterol in the blood, especially ginger. It also helps to get rid of seasickness. strengthen memory, treat various tumors, It also contributes to improving digestion, especially black pepper.

6- It relieves colic. And works to reduce the temperature, especially white pepper.

7-facilitates digestion; This is because it increases stomach secretions.

The most used Turkish spices and seasonings:

  • Hot red pepper flakes that characterize Turkish food with extreme heat.
  • Marjoram is considered a type of wild thyme, as it abounds in Turkey with many names such as mountain mint, mountain delight, and Persian thyme.
  • There is also mint, which is a perennial herbaceous plant that grows in the outskirts of the lands, but in Turkey it has another taste because of the fertility of the soil that provides it with very distinctive characteristics and aroma.
  • Allspice is a very popular spice that is extracted from the pimento tree after it has been left to dry in the sun.
  • Sumac, which is one of the most important Turkish spices, grows three meters high in Turkish coastal places.
  • Turkish sesame seeds are considered one of the oily plants that Turks use with pastries, the most famous of which is simit, which no tourist can visit Istanbul without tasting.
  • Red pepper is a type of hot pepper that is used with meat and chicken casseroles popular in Turkey.

Order a basket of Turkish spices, large size, 520 grams, from Bashasaray, and it will be delivered to your door

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