Original Matcha Tea – 20 bags

Matcha is a type of green tea made from whole tea leaves. It has a unique flavor and is rich in antioxidants

Matcha tea has many health benefits, including improving mental focus, increasing energy levels, and enhancing fat burning.

Matcha tea is also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, C, and E. It is a great way to improve your health and well-being.

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Like green tea, Matcha tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant. However, it is grown differently and has a unique nutritional profile.

Farmers cultivate matcha tea by covering their tea plants 20-30 days before harvesting to avoid direct sunlight.

This increases chlorophyll production, enhances amino acid content, and gives the plant a dark green color.

Once the tea leaves are harvested, stems and veins are removed, and the leaves are ground into a fine powder known as matcha.

Matcha contains the nutritional elements of the whole tea leaves, resulting in a higher amount of caffeine and antioxidants compared to regular green tea.

Matcha powder

Benefits of matcha tea

Contains a high level of antioxidants.

Matcha tea is rich in antioxidants, which are a class of plant compounds found in tea that act as natural antioxidants.

Antioxidants help stabilize harmful free radicals, which are compounds that can damage cells and cause chronic diseases.

May help protect the liver.

The liver is vital for health and plays a major role in detoxification, drug metabolism, and nutrient processing.

Some studies have found that matcha tea may help protect liver health.

Enhances brain function.

Some research suggests that several components of matcha can help enhance brain function.

One study looked at how 23 individuals performed in a series of tasks designed to measure brain performance.

Some participants consumed matcha tea or a 4-gram matcha bar, while the control group consumed regular tea or a placebo bar.

The researchers found that matcha tea resulted in improved attention, reaction time, and memory, compared to the placebo treatment.

May help prevent cancer.

Matcha is packed with health-enhancing compounds, including some compounds that have been linked to cancer prevention in test tubes and animal studies.

In one study, green tea extract reduced tumor size and slowed the growth of breast cancer cells in mice.

May promote heart health.

Some studies have shown that drinking green tea, which has similar beneficial properties to matcha tea, may help protect against heart diseases.

Green tea has been found to lower levels of harmful cholesterol and triglycerides.

Aids in weight loss.

Take a look at any weight loss supplement, and there’s a good chance you’ll see “green tea extract” listed in the ingredients.

Green tea is renowned for its ability to promote weight loss. In fact, studies suggest that it may help speed up metabolism for increased energy expenditure and fat burning.


Matcha Drink


How to Prepare Matcha Tea

  • You can make traditional matcha tea by adding 1-2 teaspoons (2-4 grams) of matcha powder to your cup, adding 2 ounces (59 ml) of hot water, and whisking them together.
  • You can also adjust the ratio of matcha powder to water based on your preferred consistency.
  • For a thinner tea, reduce the powder to half a teaspoon (1 gram) and mix it with 3-4 ounces (89-118 ml) of hot water.
  • If you prefer a stronger brew, mix two teaspoons (4 grams) of powder with one ounce (30 ml) of water.
  • If you’re feeling creative, you can even try matcha latte, pudding, or protein smoothies to enhance the nutritional content of your favorite recipes.


When to Drink Matcha Tea?

Because matcha tea contains a stimulant, which is caffeine, it is better not to drink it in the pre-sleep period, as this may cause activity, insomnia, or difficulty sleeping.

For this reason, the morning or the entire daytime period is a good time to drink Japanese matcha tea, which invigorates the body and enhances concentration and productivity.

Matcha tea cup


The difference between original matcha tea and imitation

You can distinguish the original tea by noting the signs that must be present in it, including:

  1. To be in the form of a powder with very fine particles.
  2. To carry a beautiful and herbal scent.
  3. to be distinctly bright green in color, But if it is yellow, brown, or pale green, then this means that it is old or adulterated.


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