A box of 120 spoons of natural flower honey

A box of 120 spoons of natural flower honey, 7 grams from the best Turkish honey farms, fast delivery from BashaSaray to your doorstep, order now!

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A box of 120 spoons of natural flower honey from BashaSaray

It’s the easiest way to carry honey with you everywhere, whether in the office, car, or any place you prefer to sweeten your tea or hot beverages.

A perfect natural sugar substitute and sweetener for all occasions.

Box of natural flower honey spoons, 120 spoons, size 7 grams. Fast delivery to all countries of the world, from BashaSaray to your doorstep. Order now!

Types of Turkish honey and its benefits:

turkish flower honey, 100% genuine and natural product, This product is in accordance with the Turkish Food Constitution, Compliant with the Turkish Honey Regulations, Registration code: TR-06-K-000188.

Flower honey is one of the types that Turkey specializes in producing, as it produces approximately 90% of the world’s flower honey.

Turkish flower honey is extracted from bee cells that live in the forests of the southwestern region of the Aegean Sea, including Marmaris, Mugla, and Fethiye.

Turkish flower honey is considered a rare type of honey, with countless benefits for the body’s health, as it possesses a powerful antibacterial effect and provides support in cases of respiratory disorders and skin diseases, In addition to containing a high percentage of antioxidants

The most famous and beneficial honey in Turkey is chestnut honey.

  • This type of honey has a high antibacterial efficacy, is rich in vitamins, improves blood circulation, and enhances muscle strength.
  • Pine honey is beneficial for lung diseases, bronchitis, coughs, asthma, and helps in removing phlegm, as well as aiding in weight loss.
  • Flower honey is known for its high vitamin content.
  • Royal jelly honey.
  • Propolis honey is an antibiotic against bacteria, It helps in treating cracked skin, wounds and burns. and has an effective impact on inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and acting as an antioxidant.
  • Also, the absence of pesticides and agricultural pesticides in the areas where Turkish honey is found, which are very high above sea level, It is one of the other factors that contribute to increasing the quality of honey.
  • This sector has witnessed significant development in recent years, with increased production and reaching the second position globally in honey production.
  • You can distinguish genuine honey from adulterated Turkish honey by using a spoon to consume the honey stored in the refrigerator. If the honey is natural, it should flow continuously without interruption, Real honey protects itself by crystallizing
  • There are various types of honey that differ in color, flavor, and even aroma. The colors of honey range from almost colorless to dark brown, which also gives them different flavors, ranging from light to rich and distinctive. Additionally, the aroma of honey varies depending on the type of flowers from which it was extracted. There are over 300 unique types of honey around the world, rich in nutrients, minerals, and calories that the body needs.

Order now a box of 120 spoons of natural flower honey from BashaSaray, delivered to your doorstep!

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