Ottoman Pomegranate Qatayef by Hafız Mustafa, 1,800 grams

Ottoman Pomegranate Qatayef by Hafız Mustafa, 1,800 grams, from Basha Saray. Fast worldwide delivery within 3 to 5 days. Order now and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

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Ottoman Pomegranate Qatayef, 1,800 grams, by Hafız Mustafa from Basha Saray

Pomegranate and Pistachio Qatayef by Hafız Mustafa.

  • Pomegranate and Pistachio Qatayef by Hafız Mustafa, 1 kilogram. Fast delivery to all countries worldwide from Basha Saray to your doorstep. Order now!

About Turkish Qatayef:

  • One of the most famous and finest types of Turkish Qatayef since 1864.
  • The products are fresh and without preservatives or any other additives
  • All kinds of Hafez Mustafa sweets are made from natural materials and natural beet sugar
  • The sent cans are sealed with an airtight film
  • The products are halal certified by the Turkish Standards Institution
  • Qatayef or al-Jalash are sweetened pastries consisting of thin layers of dough and stuffed with nuts such as walnuts and pistachios.
  • Qatayef is famous in Arab, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. In addition to the Levantine, Moroccan, Turkish, South Asian, Caucasian and Balkan cuisines.
  • It is among the sixteen non-European foods and drinks that have received honorary status and have been included in the list of the ten most famous foods in the world.
  • It is the most popular dessert in Turkey. Perhaps most of those who visited Turkey must have tasted it, whether in Istanbul. or other touristic cities, The hospitality dessert is considered the most delicious and famous in Turkey. It first spread in Gaziantep, Then throughout Turkey.
  • Turkish shops are concerned with all their used components, packaging, And the tools used, Qatayef varies from the traditional Qatayef to those filled with pistachios, walnuts, and Aloe Vera.
  • It has several types, including Qatayef with pistachio, Qatayef with walnuts, and it is sweetened by pouring syrup or honey on it, and that makes it more cohesive.
  • The word Qatayef is derived from the Ottoman Turkish language. It is used in many languages with a slight difference in pronunciation and writing.
  • It was said that it was a distortion of the name of the wife of one of the Ottoman sultans.
  • The popular etymology of the Arabic word Qatayef is attributed to the word legumes. Because peanuts are included in the preparation of this dessert.
  • It may be derived from the Mongolian word pailao which means to bind and wrap.

About Hafez Mustafa:

  • In the nineteenth century in Istanbul and before the construction of Hafez Mustafa store, There were sweets from other famous brands.
  • Those who came to the capital of Anatolia, where the common profession at that time was the sweets industry, and it was necessary to engage in it. Among them is Ismail Hakki, Mustafa’s father, the founder of the now well-known Hafez Mustafa shop.
  • Where he started making simple sweets in the basement of the building in which he lived, and among his children, his son Mustafa was helping him in making candy and at the same time he was the mosque of the mosque, where he was authorized in Arabic at the time.
  • Soon after that, Hafez Mustafa’s shop began in the Eminonu region. It is one of the few commercial centers in Istanbul. Appears in reputable business records.
  • From 1926 to 1938, Hafez Mustafa received 11 times invitation from international exhibitions in different cities and countries such as Paris, Brussels and Liege.
  • In the meantime, Mustafa’s son, Hafez Mustafa Ismail Hakki, followed up his father’s business and managed Hafez Mustafa’s store, where he noticed that the brand met with global demand, and the brand must be exploited, expanded and developed globally.
  • Hence, he put his weight in the field, as he expanded from making simple sweets to making coffee, tea, chocolate, halqoum, and many other products, and marketing them all over the world. It is known about Mr. Hafez Mustafa that he was the first to know and discover Bogshabi in Turkey.
  • Where Mr. Hafez Mustafa opened his own shop for the production of sweets and sugars at the beginning of the year 1864 during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Aziz, which is currently located in Bahçkapi Eminonu on Hamidiye Street.
  • Between 1962-1938, he won 11 prizes in Europe for the quality of his sweets and products.
  • If you visit the place, it will present to you a story of history and taste that exceeds 148 years. It offers its visitors baklava of all kinds and shapes, as well as puddings and desserts of various flavors and types, sweets and cake molds in a wide variety, as well as hot and cold drinks.
  • It is considered one of the most famous sweet shops in Istanbul. Without exaggeration, if we say that Hafez Mustafa is in the schedule of 90% of the tourists coming from the Gulf. Due to its fame, especially with regard to kunafa and baklava.
  • Hafez Mustafa branches are spread across Istanbul, the most famous of which are the Taksim branch and the Fatih branch near Sirkeci station and the Florya area.
  • Hafiz Mustafa 1864 is one of the most favorite baklava restaurants in Turkey where the best quality fresh and natural baklava is produced in Istanbul without preservatives, chocolate lokum, Coffee, tea, and more gifts, ancient and distinctive collections, and other sweets.

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