Roasted BBQ Flavored Corn – 180 grams

BBQ Flavored Corn, 180 grams. Fast delivery to all countries around the world from Basha Saray within 3-5 days to your doorstep. Order now!

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Roasted Corn.

BBQ Flavored Corn. Where roasted corn meets BBQ spices, carrying the natural corn flavor with BBQ sauce. And the delicious taste of peanut sauce.


Corn, Vegetable oil (sunflower), BBQ flavor, Soy products, Flavor enhancer, (Monosodium glutamate), Incense flavor.

How should it be stored?

It should be stored in cool and dry environments.

Calories in Roasted Corn:

Calories: 468 (g)

Protein: 7 (g)

Carbohydrates: 62.6 (g)

Fiber: 6.4 (g)

Fat: 19.6 (g)

Salt: 3.58 (g)

Saturated fat: 9.56 (g)


About Turkish nuts and BBQ flavored corn

  • Turkish nuts are the third in the world in export.
  • Where the city of Gaziantep, Urfa and southern regions of Turkey produce the best types of pistachios around the world, with an annual production of more than 12,000 tons.
  • The capital of hazelnuts, Ordu, is considered the leading city in hazelnut production and the largest exporter to the world.
  • As for the region of the Black Sea cities, which is famous for hazelnut cultivation, it produces 126,000 tons annually, meeting approximately 80% of the world’s hazelnut needs, making Turkey the largest hazelnut producer in the world. It is internationally known as one of the most important hazelnut-exporting countries.
  • As for the state of Bursa, which is close to Istanbul, which is famous for the production of chestnuts, “Abu Farwa” It is considered one of the most common nuts in the fall, as its shell is slightly explained. and put it on the coal fire, to loosen the fruit from its shell, It matures quietly.
  • Order now BBQ Flavored Corn, 180 grams, from Basha Saray, delivered to your doorstep.
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