Turkish slimming tea | Dogadan Form with Apricot | 20 sachets

Sip the Essence of Apricot: Dive into a rejuvenating blend of Dogadan Form’s slimming tea, infused with the lusciousness of apricot. A delightful companion for your weight loss journey, now with a 25% off treat!

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Dogadan Form Slimming Tea with Apricot Flavor (20 Bags), A diet support drink that helps you lose weight and improve your metabolism to burn body fat effectively

It is a delicious alternative to a mixture of thin herbs with a regular taste. It will add pleasure to your day with its unique aroma and taste.


These ingredients make Dogadan Form slimming tea with apricot flavor the most powerful slimming drink:

  • Snamky

able to block the absorption of calories, It stimulates fat burning and metabolism

  • fennel

Fennel contains melatonin, which burns fat in the body by accelerating the metabolism. Thanks to its richness in fiber, fennel enhances the feeling of satiety and suppresses appetite, thus avoiding the desire to eat snacks.
In addition, fennel increases the movement of the stomach and intestines, and relieves gas and spasms

  • Nettle plant

This herb has a stimulating role in burning fats that are excessively present in the human body. It also converts the amount of fat in the body into a mucous substance that surrounds the stomach wall. and act as her softener

  • Berry leaf

Helps expel toxins from the body. And improve digestion. It helps to increase the body’s burning rate and the consumption of accumulated fats for energy.

  • Juniper fruit

It is useful in complaints of indigestion, loss of appetite, removing fluid retention from the body, and lowering blood sugar and blood pressure.

  • Rosehip.

Rosehip fruit is one of the richest vegetable sources of Vitamin C. It contains phenolic proanthocyanidins and flavonoids. Experimental studies have shown that rose hips have a strong antioxidant effect. Depending on their vitamin C and phenolic components.

In addition to its effect as a mild laxative and diuretic (pectin and fruit acids)

  • apricot flavour

It gives a good and refreshing taste.

Benefits of Turkish dogadan form slimming tea with apricot

  • Helps lose weight
  • A laxative
  • Supports and accelerates the metabolism and burning of body fat, Paying attention to a healthy diet and physical activity, Otherwise, it will not have the quality of losing weight on its own.

Turkish Slimming Tea Dogadan Form with Apricot Experiments

Here is a collection of quotes from reviewers who bought the product on the Turkish hepsiburada website:

  • It’s the only drink I drink regularly.
  • I recommend it to those who can’t drink regular green tea like me, It tastes very good
  • Very good flavored drink
  • The smell of the product is very beautiful and the taste is very delicious. Those who are otherwise healthy may not see an additional difference when using it, But it is useful for those who do not feel comfortable.
  • Tea as written in the comments. It is very effective if you drink it regularly. I bought it for my son and my wife. Tastes and smells good too. Thanks to those who contributed ?☺️
  • I drink it half an hour after meals twice a day. Eliminated the problem of constipation. It tastes good too.

How to prepare Turkish slimming dogadan form apricot tea

It is recommended to take Form Dogadan slimming drink on an empty stomach so that the ingredients present work more effectively as its properties speed up the metabolism when taken on an empty stomach.
However, it facilitates digestion and increases bowel movement when taken on a full stomach.

Notes when consuming Dogadanform Turkish slimming tea with apricot flavour

  • He should not drink more than one or two cups a day.
  • You should not consume it regularly for a long time, Rather, take a rest from time to time
  • You should pay attention to drinking plenty of water on the days you consume Dogadan Form for slimming tea.
  • in order to lose weight, You must eat healthy food to get maximum effect.

Tips for getting the best result with the use of Dogadan Turkish Form Slimming Tea

Drinking slimming drinks is a way to complement your body’s diet, which supports faster weight loss. Among the recommended steps to obtain a slim body:

    • Eat vegetables in abundance.
    • Eat 3 meals a day, no more, no less. When the body gets used to the regular meal time, it will get used to burning regularly.
    • Keep breakfast because it increases the rate of burning calories and is very important for the health of the body and does not usually cause obesity.
    • do exercise daily, for half an hour, such as brisk walking, swimming, body lift, and prevent sagging.
    • The use of slimming mixtures and slimming teas helps in losing weight and supports the body to burn faster.
    • Follow the appropriate diet for your body, according to the doctor’s instructions.
    • Drink plenty of water according to your body weight and height.
    • Avoid eating unhealthy, salty, and spicy foods. And replace it with what is healthy only.
    • Avoid the causes of psychological stress. set a goal to lose weight, and reach him.
    • Program your mind that the diet will succeed. the goal will be reached, and get away from depression, and boredom.
    • sleep long enough, That’s eight hours a day. And avoid staying up late.

Dogadan Form Turkish Slimming Tea with Apricot

BashaSaray store provides you with a 25% discount on the product when you purchase Dogadan tea for slimming with apricot flavor, at a price of $8.40 + shipping charges

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