Tea Set | 18 Pieces | Transparent Gold

This luxurious set includes 6 transparent tea cups with golden accents, 6 tea saucers, and 6 bonus coffee mugs.

Its elegant and stunning design with golden colors makes tea sessions a luxurious experience. The capacity of the coffee mugs is approximately 165 ml.

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Product Specifications:

Number of Pieces in the Set

This set includes 6 tea cups, 6 tea saucers, and 6 bonus coffee mugs, making it suitable for hosting up to 6 people.

Capacity of Each Tea Cup

Each tea cup has a capacity of approximately 165 ml, allowing for a sufficient amount of tea to be served.

Securely Packaged Delivery

This product is shipped in a carefully packaged box to ensure its safe arrival without any damage.

Care Recommendations

To maintain the beauty of this product for an extended period, it is recommended to gently hand wash it.

Features of tea set 18 pieces Transparent gold

A tea set typically includes various components to serve and enjoy tea. Here are the features of a tea set with 18 pieces in a transparent gold design, based on the available information:

  1. Number of Pieces: This tea set includes 18 pieces, which means it contains multiple items for serving and enjoying tea.
  2. Design: The tea set features a transparent gold design. This design element adds an elegant and luxurious touch to the set, making it visually appealing.
  3. Components: A tea set of 18 pieces often includes the following components:
    • Teapot: Used for brewing and pouring tea.
    • Tea Cups: Small cups for serving individual portions of tea.
    • Saucers: Plates to hold the tea cups.
    • Sugar Bowl: A container for storing sugar.
    • Creamer: A small pitcher for milk or cream.
    • Tea Spoons: Utensils for stirring and adding sugar or milk to tea.
    • Tray: A serving tray to carry and display the entire set.
  4. Material: The material used for this tea set is not specified in the available information. Tea sets can be made from various materials, including porcelain, ceramic, glass, and more.
  5. Capacity: The capacity of the teapot and tea cups in this set may vary, but it is not specified in the provided information. It’s common for tea sets to come in different sizes to accommodate various serving needs.
  6. Use: This tea set is designed for serving and enjoying tea, and it can be used for special occasions, gatherings, or daily tea rituals.
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