A tea set | 18 pieces | transparent with golden patterns

This exquisite tea set comprises 6 transparent tea cups with golden frames, 6 saucers, and a bonus of 6 coffee cups.

Its elegant and magnificent design with golden hues elevates tea sessions into a luxurious experience. The capacity of the coffee cups is approximately 165 ml.

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207.72 د.إ 176.56 د.إ

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Product Specifications:

Number of Pieces in the Set:

This tea set includes 6 tea cups, 6 saucers, and as a bonus, 6 coffee cups, making it suitable for hosting 6 people.

Capacity of Each Tea Cup:

Each tea cup has a capacity of approximately 165 ml, allowing for a sufficient amount of tea to be served.

Packaging for Safe Delivery:

The product is carefully packaged in a protective box to ensure its safe and damage-free delivery.

Care Recommendations:

To maintain the beauty of this product for an extended period, it is recommended to gently hand wash it.

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