Turkish cashews – 1 kg

Turkish cashews 1 kg
Fresh, delicious, and of the finest Turkish varieties.
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What is cashew

The cashew is a kidney-shaped seed that comes from the cashew tree – a tropical tree native to Brazil but now grown in various warm climates around the world.

  • Nuts are also a source of fiber, which contributes to protecting the heart. It contains unsaturated fats that help reduce harmful cholesterol in the body by equating it with beneficial cholesterol.
  • The fiber in nuts helps prevent cancer. It also helps fight intestinal cancer due to its antioxidants. For this reason, doctors recommend that it is a delicious snack and replaces it with chocolate, provided that it is free of salt to maintain health.
  • Raw nuts contain good proportions of beneficial fats. It is also an important protein source that helps reduce the speed of sugar excretion from carbohydrates. Raw nuts that do not contain salt must be preserved. This is so that the benefit does not turn into harm and negatively affect the body by increasing calories.
  • Nuts have many benefits. It is rich in vitamin B; As half a kilo of walnuts is equivalent to the benefit of 20 kilos of beef or lamb. And the benefit of 3 kilos of chicken meat, And about 2 kilos of eggs.
  • protection against coronary heart disease, Reducing cholesterol, acting as an antioxidant. In addition to containing zinc, calcium, magnesium and vitamin E, It also contains alpha-linolenic acid. Which enhances the ability of the immune system.

Turkish cashew

Calories in cashews

Cashews are rich in a range of nutrients. (28 grams) of unroasted, unsalted cashews has approximately:

  1. Calories: 157
  2. Protein: 5 grams
  3. Fat: 12 grams
  4. Carbohydrates: 9 grams
  5. Fiber: 1 gram
  6. Copper: 67% of the daily value
  7. Magnesium: 20% of the daily value
  8. Manganese: 20% of the daily value
  9. Zinc: 15% of the daily value
  10. Phosphorus: 13% of the daily value
  11. Iron: 11% of the daily value 11٪ من القيمة اليومية
  12. Selenium: 10% of the daily requirement
  13. Thiamine: 10% of the daily value
  14. Vitamin K: 8% of the daily value
  15. Vitamin B6: 7% of the daily value

Benefits of cashews:

Rich in protein, healthy fats and antioxidants such as polyphenols, Cashews offer a variety of noteworthy health benefits.

  • Low cholesterol We have previously heard about cashews that have damage because they contain saturated fats, Most of the fat in cashews comes from fatty acids. Which experts believe has a neutral effect on blood cholesterol. Research shows that people who eat a small serving of cashews each day notice a slight decrease in bad LDL cholesterol.
  • Prevention of heart disease in addition to reducing levels of harmful cholesterol, Cashews may help prevent heart disease due to their high magnesium content. Adequate magnesium intake may reduce the risk of heart disease. Which often occurs when the heart does not receive enough blood.
  • Stroke prevention: The magnesium in cashews may help reduce the risk of stroke.
  • Increases Male Fertility Cashews are rich in zinc which is essential for improving male sperm count and fertility chances. Also, eating cashews regularly may help control weight and diabetes, which greatly increases male fertility.
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