Turkish Coffee Set Kaftan – Single | 3 pieces

Yellow Kaftan Turkish Coffee Set – Single, 3 pieces: Includes a luxurious cup, a water cup, and an elegant saucer. Make your coffee moments more distinguished and comfortable with this fantastic set.

Get it today and enjoy your coffee with this luxurious set.

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Product Specifications: Crystal Ozkam Kaftan Turkish Coffee Set

This set includes:

1. A luxurious coffee cup with a stunning design.
2. A water cup with a harmonious saucer.

This luxurious set is adorned with exquisite yellow patterns, and the water cup and saucer are symmetrical and harmonious, featuring exceptional artistic design.

The cup comes in a unique and elegant design, adding a special allure to your coffee-drinking experience. It has a volume of approximately 85 cubic centimeters, allowing you to enjoy a generous amount of coffee.

The materials used in manufacturing this set are of high quality, making it durable and designed for daily use. The cups and saucers are distinguished by beautiful and intricate patterns that add a touch of elegance and beauty to their appearance.

The product is carefully packaged to ensure its safety during shipping and delivery to your doorstep.

We recommend handwashing to maintain the quality and shine of the product. Make your coffee-drinking experience even more distinguished with this fantastic set.

Get it today and serve your coffee with elegance and luxury.

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