Dogus Turkish Black Tea Teriyaki – 1 Kilogram

Turkish Black Tea Teriyaki – 1 Kilogram – Dogus Fast Worldwide Delivery from Pasha Palace to Your Doorstep. Order Now.

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Turkish Black Tea teriyaki 1 Kilogram – DogusFast delivery worldwide from Pasha Palace to your doorstep. Order now.

Turkish tea, its delightful taste, and its fame

Tea is an essential element in Turkish culture, not just as a beverage, but as a symbol of hospitality and friendship. It’s a means to break the ice between strangers and the start of enjoyable conversations between any two individuals. When tea is offered, it’s a way of welcoming you and acknowledging your visit. Tea is widely spread in Turkish villages, small towns, and big cities, consumed in homes, stores, and restaurants. It’s a fundamental element during Turkish men’s gatherings and a central point around which the family gathers at home. Most villages in Turkey have a special place where tea is consumed.

Tea is primarily produced on the Black Sea coast in Turkey, due to the moderate climate, high rainfall levels, and fertile soil making the region an excellent place for tea cultivation. There are also numerous tea farms from the Georgian border to Trabzon. Tea is harvested between May and October, and the leaves are left to wither and are easily crushable.

Statistics show that the Turkish people are among the highest consumers of tea globally. Turks have a specific way of making tea using a double boiler or a samovar, giving it a distinctive and delicious flavor.

Benefits of Turkish Tea

Turkish tea is among the finest teas globally because it grows away from the equator.

Turkish tea is distinguished by not containing chemicals or pesticides during cultivation, making it the best for human health. It helps in increasing calorie burning rates in the body, strengthens the immune system, and continuous consumption helps in weight loss and prevents colds.

Turkish tea provides a large amount of antioxidants that protect against aging. If you want to achieve the agility of Turkish women and the beauty of their skin, all you have to do is drink two to three cups of Turkish tea daily.

It enhances oral and dental health due to natural antibiotics like polyphenol and tannin, which help kill bacteria causing tooth decay. It strengthens memory and stimulates brain and nerve activity due to the stimulating caffeine for the nervous system. It is a refreshing drink for body energy and efficiency.

It’s beneficial for the digestive system due to a substance called “catechin,” which facilitates digestion, helps the stomach and intestines get rid of toxins, protects against diarrhea, reduces bacterial activity in the intestines, reduces intestinal inflammation, and alleviates symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

It protects against premature wrinkles and acne, helps renew skin cells, giving freshness and radiance. Applying tea compresses to the skin helps heal sunburn and reduces dark circles under the eyes when used as cold compresses.

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