blackberry syrup – 40 gr

Turku Baba Blackberry Syrup 40g Premium Turkish Drink you will fall in love with from the first sip

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About Torku Baba Blackberry Syrup

Delicious blackberry flavored drink powder

Turkish blackberry juice powder makes it easy for you to enjoy the delicious taste and nutritional benefits in it

Enjoy the delicious taste of berries. The berries have a good balance of sweetness and texture. Raspberries are generally less bitter and sweeter than blackberries, making them one of the best berries available.

Ingredients for blackberry syrup

Torku Baba blackberry syrup consists of:

sugar acidity regulator (citric acid E330), Anti-caking (Tricalcium Phosphate E341), blackberry flavour, Vitamin C, Colorants (Carmoisin E122, Brilliant Blue E133).

How to prepare strawberry juice

You can enjoy blackberry drink powder as a juice when mixed with water, or it can be mixed with yogurt, or mixed with your favorite juice.

You can also use it with baked goods such as muffins and cupcakes. To give it a wonderful flavor.

Benefits of black berries

  • ENERGY BOOST AND ANTIOXIDANTS – Berries are rich in several vitamins and minerals, Especially vitamin C and iron. Like many other berries, Organic berries are loaded with powerful phytochemicals like resveratrol and antioxidants that naturally support a healthy inflammatory response and circulation.
  • A Natural Source of Resveratrol – Berries contain resveratrol, It is a natural supporter of the body’s healthy inflammatory response. Berries can also be beneficial in supporting healthy circulation. Due to its sweet flavour, great nutritional value and various health benefits, The berries are gaining immense popularity all over the world.

Turku papa blackberry syrup price

Pasha Saray store provides you with blackberry drink powder, weighing 40 grams, from Turku Baba, at a price of $ 6.27 + shipping charges
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