Turku Baba Pomegranate Tea – 40 gr

Turku Baba Pomegranate Tea 40 grams, you will love it from the first sip and feel its benefits from Bashasaray to your door


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Turku Baba Pomegranate Tea

About Turkish tea:

  • Tea is Considered An important element in Turkish culture, not only as a drink like any drink, but it represents hospitality and friendship. It is a way to break the ice between strangers and the beginning of an enjoyable conversation between any two people. When tea is offered to you, it is a way to welcome you and your visit. Tea is found in small Turkish villages. And large cities and all over the country, and it is consumed a lot within families, shops and restaurants, and tea is one of the basic elements that exist among the gatherings of Turkish men, and an essential point around which the family gathers at home, and most villages in Turkey have a special place in which they drink tea.
  • Tea is produced mostly on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, due to the mild climate, high levels of rainfall, and fertile soil that makes the region an excellent place for tea cultivation. A number of tea plantations can also be found at the Georgian border to Trabzon. Tea is produced between May and October, and the leaves are collected and left until they wither and are easy to break.
  • Statistics showed; The Turkish people are the most consuming people of tea in the world. The Turks also have a special way of making tea through the double jug or the samovar, which gives it a distinctive and delicious flavor.

Benefits of pomegranate tea

1- Strengthening immunity

Tea made from pomegranate peel has immunomodulatory effects. The presence of sugars in the peel can help boost immunity. Pomegranate tea is used to treat cancer patients by strengthening their immune systems. affected by chemotherapy. The polyphenols in pomegranate effectively protect the body against many pathogens.

2- Antimicrobial

pomegranate tea contains, According to the findings of a joint study in which scientists from New Jersey and Tennessee State Universities participated, contains antimicrobial agents such as ellagic acid and tannin with its phenolic properties, which can help prevent viral and bacterial pathogens, especially Staphylococcus aureus and salmonella, In addition, it is effective against highly pathogenic and drug-resistant strains.

3- Supports heart health

Pomegranate tea nourishes the human body with major polyphenols such as anthocyanins, phenolic acids, and punicalagins, which have strong antioxidant activity. study indicates, It was conducted by Professor Michael Aviram of the Rambam Medical Research Centre. There are properties of polyphenols that help protect against cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and coronary heart disease.

4- It helps in losing weight

According to the results of a study, Conducted by Professor Audrey Nerink of the University of Louvain, Belgium, The high amount of punicic acid in pomegranate tea helps in weight loss due to its cholesterol-lowering effects. It also reduces harmful fats in the blood and in general, Pomegranate tea helps prevent weight gain to a large extent.

5- Anti-cancer

study indicates, conducted at Aristotle University in Greece, It indicates that the quercetin and ellagic acid in pomegranate tea have anti-cancer properties that can help prevent the growth of cancer cells. The study shows that pomegranate is effective against many types of cancer, such as renal cell carcinoma, prostate cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, and breast cancer.

6- It prevents Alzheimer’s disease

Pomegranate tea has neuroprotective and antibacterial properties. The urolithins and punicalagins in pomegranate tea may help slow the progression of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Urulithin is scientifically proven to prevent inflammation of neurons while punicalagin reduces memory impairment caused by inflammation.

7- It prevents osteoporosis

study showed, A study conducted by researchers at the National Institute of Health and Medical Research found that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities of pomegranate tea could be beneficial for osteoporosis. It also helps prevent bone loss and reduce damage to bones due to free radicals.

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