Bioterra Hair Care Collection for Organic Natural Products

The Bioterra Organic Hair Care Collection comprises three essential components: shampoo, serum, and hair oil, designed for the perfect hair care routine.

Rejuvenate your hair with this ideal trio. Order now to breathe life back into your hair.

Experience fast shipping within 3-5 days, directly from Pasha Palace to your doorstep.


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About the Bioterra hair care Collection for organic natural products

The Bioterra Hair Care Collection for Organic Natural Products is 100% organic and hails from Pasha Palace, renowned as one of the best hair care sets available.

Specially designed to prevent hair breakage, hair loss, and maintain its moisture and elasticity, this collection revitalizes your hair from roots to tips, promoting healthier hair growth.

Bioterra’s organic hair care collection makes your hair vibrant, shiny, and beautifully styled.

The Bioterra Organic Hair Care Collection includes

  1. Organic Hair Shampoo 250 ml Bioterra’s organic detox shampoo cleanses the hair without damaging it. It nourishes and strengthens, removing external pollutants. It takes care of the hair from roots to ends, resisting hair loss due to its lightweight formula.
  2. Organic Hair Serum 30 ml This hair serum, made from carefully integrated organic plant extracts, revitalizes and strengthens hair naturally. It affects from the scalp to the hair ends, accelerating the scalp cell renewal process for healthy hair growth. It helps the scalp, which loses its natural balance due to harmful chemicals and air pollution, regain its natural state.
  3. Organic Hair Oil 100 ml This product provides effective hair care through 8 different organic herbal oils. Obtained 100% naturally and organically, it allows your hair to have a strong, flexible structure with reduced breakage. It helps you shape your dream hair.

Features of Bioterra Organic Hair Care Collection

Regular use of the Bioterra Hair Care Collection supports the care, revitalization, and strengthening of your hair.

It offers perfect care for problematic hair, giving you more vibrant and rejuvenated hair.Just like our skin, hair also undergoes wear and tear over time and requires care.

Bioterra’s specialized hair serum stimulates hair follicles, renews cells, and gives vitality to your hair, making it soft and easy to style.

Thanks to the perfect formula of the hair oil, you will have strong, non-breakable, non-frizzy hair.

Your hair will no longer be affected by harmful external conditions; just apply Bioterra shampoo during your shower. You’ll notice the difference over time, and hair loss problems will be gone forever.

Bioterra Organic Hair Care Collection Price

 Pasha Palace offers you the Bioterra Organic Hair Care Collection for $55.30 + shipping costs, delivered to your doorstep within 3-7 working days.

Order the Bioterra Organic Hair Care Collection now from Pasha Palace and have it delivered to your home.

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