Turkish coffee whole grain 1 kilo

Turkish coffee, whole grain, 1 kilo, from Turku Baba, high quality and excellent taste for every occasion. Fast delivery to all countries of the world, from Bashasaray to your doorstep. Order now


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About Turkish Coffee Whole Bean Turku Baba

Turkish coffee whole bean 1 kilo from Turku Baba from Bashasaray

How To Save Turkish Coffee Bean Turku Baba

It is advised to keep it in a place away from the sun and at room temperature, and to avoid any moisture

Turkish coffee:

  • Turkish coffee was distinguished by its roasting, preparation and serving methods. It was also distinguished by its variety and variety of flavors. Some Turkish cities prepare very roasted coffee, and some prepare manually pounded coffee with a mortar, or what is called Dibek coffee, while others prefer coffee with a smoothie or coffee prepared on sand, and some prefer traditional Ottoman coffee.
  • The color of the Turkish coffee beans must always be distinct, as well as their aroma and pungent taste, which indicates that they contain a concentrated amount of caffeine.
  • In preparing and preparing Turkish coffee, it is required to use the Turkish dalah or what is known as the rakwa. Turkish copper coins have always been used throughout the ages in Turkey, which are still used to this day in Turkey. You can also see a noticeable spread of coffee prepared in modern electric kettles, which are among the easiest and fastest Turkish coffee machines to prepare coffee.
  • Turkey’s restaurants and cafes, especially Istanbul, are famous for Turkish coffee with a creamy face (full of foam), which is served with historical coffee cups with a lid derived from the styles of the Ottoman era, distinguished by silver, copper or gold. Or served with traditional cups of Topkapi Palace, distinguished by the blue and white decoration. A piece of Turkish lokum is served next to each cup of coffee, which indicates the generosity of Turkish love and hospitality.

How to make Turkish coffee on the basis:

  • One tablespoon per cup of coffee.
  • Turkish coffee powder is added to the pot, then cold water is placed in the amount of a cup of coffee and stirred well.
  • Sugar is added as desired at the stage of stirring the coffee before putting it on the fire.
  • Turn on the electric pot of coffee or kindle a light fire under the copper pot.
  • Stir the coffee constantly until the creamy, foamy surface appears and rises to the top of the bucket, then turn off the fire or the machine.
  • Now, gently and quietly, take a part of the creamy face using the tablespoon from the bucket and place it in the coffee cup, approximately one spoonful for each cup.
  • Pour the coffee from the side of the cup, not from the middle, quietly, without lifting the bucket from the cup too much.

The benefits of coffee

  • Boosts energy levels.
  • Associated with a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Supports brain health.
  • Promotes weight management.
  • associated with a lower risk of depression.
  • Protects against liver diseases.
  • Supports heart health.

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