Hill Aref Oglu Seeds – 250 gr

250 grams of Araf Oğlu Cardamom, the cardamom that can be used fresh or dried according to need, has multiple uses and applications. Fast delivery to all countries of the world from Bashasaray to your door. Order now!


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What is cardamom?

Cardamom is a type of wild plant that belongs to the Asian lands, with broad green leaves that reach an average length of four or five meters.

Scientists use the name “cardamom” for both the Elettaria and Amomum genera. The name cardamom is usually associated with the place where it grows, known as Elettaria Cardamomum in Latin.

Cardamom is considered a fruit-bearing plant, and its fruit is somewhat small in size. Its color is greenish-yellow and whitish-yellow, and each contains a large number of seeds.

These seeds stand out with their reddish-brown color and dominant, penetrating scent.

Cardamom, which can be used fresh or dried as needed, has multiple uses and applications. The most common part of cardamom is the seeds found within its fruits.

But don’t let this make you think that cardamom leaves have no effect! Cardamom oil, obtained from these leaves, is often used in care products and in the field of pharmacy.


Cardamom seed


Methods of consuming cardamom

Methods of consuming cardamom vary according to personal preference. Whole cardamom pods can be brewed in water and consumed as herbal tea. Furthermore, Furthermore, “cardamom coffee” is among the most popular beverages.

For this purpose, cardamom powder is mixed with any type of coffee. And so on , the combination of coffee aroma and cardamom leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth.

Ground cardamom enhances the flavor with its dominant scent when added to dishes and desserts as a spice.

Furthermore, the number of people who consume cardamom by mixing it with yogurt is very high!


Turkish Cardamom


Benefits of Turkish cardamom

Turkish cardamom has numerous and diverse benefits:

  • It facilitates the digestion process by regulating stomach acid. It is particularly effective for individuals experiencing nausea and stomach pain.
  • It is effective in relieving cramps and contractions that occur during menstruation.
  • It reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure by balancing beneficial cells in the blood.
  • It prevents tooth decay and bad breath.
  • It balances blood sugar levels.
  • It helps cope with emotional situations. It is beneficial to drink a cup of cardamom tea before bedtime, especially for conditions such as stress, panic attacks, depression, and anxiety.
  • It is effective against throat inflammation.
  • Cardamom contains a significant amount of vitamin A. Consuming cardamom can enhance memory.
  • Cardamom has a highly diuretic property. Regular consumption of cardamom alleviates diseases such as kidney and bladder problems and urinary system issues.
  • It is a highly beneficial plant for lung and liver health.


About Arif Oglu

Arifoglu products

Ismet Arifoglu and his father, Ahmet Arifoglu, started selling Arifoğlu products since 1944 in the historic Egyptian Spice Bazaar Mısır Çarşısı in Istanbul, Turkey.
quickly won the trust of the people, It has expanded over the years until it has become today one of the most important and largest Turkish brands that produce spices, food and cosmetic products made from organic natural materials.
It is exported to various countries of the world.

Arifoglu’s products are diverse and include more than 1,000 natural products, including spices, herbal products, natural oils, essential oils, bee honey, sauces, pastes, and natural cosmetics.

For more information about Aref Oglu, you can visit the link: Aref Oglu Products .

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