Turkish honey for men Q7

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Q7 Turkish tonic honey paste for men, for maximum pleasure during sexual intercourse.

You do not need to bear them because it will take you to the required level and performance that will bring you maximum pleasure.

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Weight 450 g


Elevate your vitality with Q7 Gold Turkish Epimedium Honey – the ultimate fusion of tradition and innovation. Crafted by TurkAttar, this revolutionary formula, enriched with natural aphrodisiacs, empowers men with Smart Erection Plus.

Unleash renewed confidence and performance with this exquisite blend, destined to redefine your moments of intimacy.

Q7 honey benefits

  • Increases lust, sexual desire and sex drive.
  • Increases sexual arousal.
  • For an enjoyable relationship for both parties.
  • Increases ability to perform post-orgasm.
  • Increased confidence at the time of intimacy.
  • Strengthens erection and increases its time.

Turkish honey for men Q7

Warnings before using Q7 honey

  • Do not use if you have a heart condition.
  • Do not use if you have high blood pressure.
  • Our products are not medicine. It is a herbal supplement.
  • Men and women should use a maximum of 3 scoops per day.
  • No side effects have been encountered so far.
  • No illegal substance is used in the products.
  • Holds 4 Halal certificates GMP, ISO9001, ISO22000,

Q7 honey tonic for men

For more information about Turkish honey for married couples, we advise you to read: Turkish honey for married couples for a happy married life

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Weight 450 g


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