Samsung Golden Red Korean Ginseng Pills – 80 Tablets


Ginseng root is harvested after a 6-year cultivation period. This part of the plant is used for medicinal purposes and has many benefits.

There are a total of 80 tablets in each pack.

Each tablet contains 600 mg.

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Weight 450 g
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What is red Korean ginseng?

The botanical name for ginseng is Panax. Panax literally means “heal everything”. Derived from the Greek word “panacea” which means “complete recovery”. There are two different types of ginseng. In Chinese, it is called “human grass” because of its resemblance to the human form. They are Asian ginseng and American ginseng. .

Ginseng root is harvested after a 6-year cultivation period and this part of the plant is used for medicinal purposes.

Korean red ginseng

Benefits of Korean red ginseng

Red Korean ginseng is exported. Which is used for therapeutic purposes in China, Japan and the countries of the Far East, to all over the world. red ginseng benefits, Known as a source of healing are as follows:

  • Red ginseng has powerful antioxidant properties. In this way it strengthens the immune system.
  • Since red ginseng is considered an adaptogenic botanical species, It creates a balancing effect on the body. Therefore, it protects the body from stress.
  • Provides healthy functioning of brain functions in the body.
  • Red ginseng is a storehouse of vitamins. So , It makes you more active and fit.
  • It has a balancing effect on bad cholesterol.
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Reduces the risk of cancer.

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Weight 450 g


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