RiseShine Aloe Vera Skincare Set: Whitening Cream + Aloe Vera Soap

Discover the magic of Aloe Vera with RiseShine! Our whitening cream gives your skin freshness and radiance, while our soap envelops you in a touch of smoothness and rejuvenation. For younger and more beautiful skin every day.

Don’t miss out on getting whiter and more attractive skin.

100% Natural Ingredients.


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The RiseShine Aloe Vera skincare set offers you a unique whitening and rejuvenation experience. The whitening cream and Aloe Vera soap combine beauty and effectiveness, working gently to brighten and soften the skin, giving you an irresistible radiance and freshness.

RiseShine Whitening Cream:

RiseShine Whitening Cream contains active natural ingredients used as a skin lightener by inhibiting excess melanin production in the skin, showing effectiveness in reducing skin discoloration. It is an effective cream for correcting skin tone unevenness with a wonderful brightening effect.

Ingredients of RiseShine Cream:

  • Herbal Arbutin
  • Shea Butter
  • Henna Extract
  • Root Extract
  • Sweet Almond Oil

These natural ingredients are known for their herbal spot-reducing properties and are among the most effective skin lightening agents in cosmetics.

Aloe Vera Leaf Soap:

Aloe Vera Leaf Soap is handmade from Aloe Vera leaf extract with pumpkin fibers and natural ingredients. It helps in smoothing and cleansing dead skin cells to achieve bright, radiant skin. It also aids in protecting against the sun’s rays and helps reduce skin swelling and redness with its natural properties.

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