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Turkish Coffee Mortar Set – 600g | oso, It gives you a special Turkish coffee experience. Order now from Bashasaray to your door


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About the mortar coffee

Mortar coffee is one of the ideal products for Turkish coffee lovers with intense foam. Serve your coffee with a sweet bite.

What is Dibek coffee?

  • dibek coffee, It is made by grinding Turkish coffee and mixing it with some herbs.
  • It is also a local Turkish herbal. Thanks to the ingredients it contains, It has a very nice taste, better than Turkish coffee.
  • Awareness of Dibek (mortar) coffee is increasing. existed since the Ottoman era, quickly all over the world.
  • Dibek coffee is obtained, Due to its herbal content, It is characterized by keeping it full and facilitating digestion. It is also known to be beneficial to the nervous system
  • Dibek coffee is also good for bad breath when consumed regularly. apart from that, It is effective in enhancing memory.

What is Dibek coffee?

Şekeroğlu Dibek coffee content

  • Turkish Coffee
  • Meninjich
  • Coffee cream
  • carob extract
  • Cacao
  • cinnamon
  • cardamom
  • orchid

How do you make Dibek coffee?


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