Ethiopian Coffee Kahve Dunyasi – 200 grams

Ethiopian Coffee Kahve Dunyasi – 200 grams Premium coffee from the historic coffee land of Ethiopia, Order now from Bashasaray


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About Ethiopian Coffee Kahve Dunyasi

It is a high consistency, high quality coffee with low acidity, with great fruit flavours, the sweetness of sugar cane, the scent of flowers, It is grown in the mysterious and alluring soil of the Oromia region. Ethiopia.

We collect the best coffee beans with skillful hands

We work with the world’s leading coffee producers to bring you the best coffee. We carefully collect local coffee beans, Which are grown in different geographical regions of the world such as Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Kenya, It has its own unique scent and features. In reality , We particularly like the finest Arabica coffee beans, Which are hard to produce but provide great flavour.

We blend under the supervision of our coffee experts

We pass the coffee beans selected by our experts from fields in many countries of the world, To the laboratory and analysis by our quality assurance unit before being put into production. And we blend those that really deserve to come into your cup in the most appropriate way.

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Ethiopian coffee Kahve Dunyasi

We never stop searching to find the perfect bait

We work hard to find the most suitable coffee flavor for your taste. By passing our coffee through special taste tests at all stages of production, We control the continuity of its quality.

We know careful roasting is important for perfect taste

We roast selected coffee beans, which are collected, examined and mixed, With the latest technology according to the purpose of use and taste. after roasting, We apply shock cooling and preserve their unique aroma by keeping them in special silos.

Grinding is as important to us as roasting

We grind our roasted coffees with great precision and precision under the control of laboratories and our grinding experts. We use the grinding technology that suits their taste.

The freshness and aroma of our coffee is always under our protection

We pack many different weights according to the needs of coffee lovers. Furthermore it , We maintain the freshness and aroma of our coffee by minimizing the amount of oxygen in all of our packaging. Which provides different alternatives.

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Ethiopian coffee Kahve Dunyasi



100% Roasted Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Allergy warning

Allergen free

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Ethiopian coffee Kahve Dunyasi


Ethiopian coffee ritual

Coffee, or “Banna” as it is known in Amharic, occupies a special place among Ethiopians.

It is the best that the Ethiopian family offers to its guest. As the “coffee session” represents a mixture of cultural, social and religious life.

Over time, coffee has become a tourist attraction in this African country. It is one of the tourist attractions.

This is not only due to the quality of the coffee, Rather, because it is one of the components of the culture and civilization of the Ethiopian people, Who considers himself the first discoverer of the coffee plant in the world.

Preparing coffee in Ethiopia is as important a ritual as drinking it.

The girl who prepares the coffee in the family begins by scattering green grass (qetma in Amharic) in the place as a message of good omen.

The girl often wears a traditional dress. and be very happy, As she prepares coffee in the presence of my family, Sometimes with the participation of neighbors.

And these rituals and ceremonies extended to the locations of selling coffee outside the homes.

And you see these rituals in the entrances of hotels, especially on state official occasions, And when opening sites belonging to private institutions, and others.


History of Kahve Dünyası

Kahve Dünyası Logo

Kahve Dünyası in Turkish means “coffee world”. At first, the company’s work was limited to importing coffee beans in the seventies of the last century, then it entered the market
As a Turkish coffee producer, it opened its store in the Eminönü district of Istanbul.

After that, Kahve Dunyasi spread among the people, and the quality of the coffee it offered became famous. and expanded to make chocolate as well, The chocolate offered by Kahve Dunyasi brand
Produced by its own factory called Altınmarka,

Dunyasi Coffee Factory for Chocolate is the sixth largest factory in the world in the production of cocoa. In 2012 it won the Candy Kettle Excellence Award for Best Chocolate Factory in Europe.
In 2011, the company established the Kemerburgaz factory, which specializes in making various kinds of baked goods, cakes and ice cream.

Today, Kahve Dunyasi has 50 branches in Istanbul. About 5,000 people visit its stores daily to enjoy the taste of its coffee, which is made from high-quality Arabica coffee beans.
And its distinctive sweets with flavor and method of presentation, in addition to the welcome and reception.

Learn more about the famous Kahve Dunyasi shop through our article: Kahve Dunyasi is one of the most famous Turkish coffee brands. Learn about its products


Order now Ethiopia coffee, Kahve Dunyasi- 200 grams, delivered to your door with fast shipping within 3-7 working days.

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