Turkish coffee with mastic Hafiz Mustafa – 170 gr

Immerse yourself in the rich Turkish tradition with Hafiz Mustafa’s Turkish Coffee with Mastic.

This unique blend combines the robust flavor of high-quality Arabica beans with the exotic touch of mastic, all sealed in a special iron can to ensure freshness.

A sip of this coffee is a journey through time and culture.

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We present to you “Turkish Coffee with Hafiz Mustafa Mastic – 170 grams”, a delicious blend of Turkish coffee enriched with an attractive mastic extract.

Finely crafted for exquisite enjoyment by Hafiz Mustafa, the famous confectioner.

Treat yourself to the delight of 170 grams and savor the authentic taste of Turkish coffee like never before.

Benefits of Turkish coffee

  • Activity: Coffee helps provide the body with energy and alertness and not feel sleepy, lethargic and lazy.
  • memory: Coffee helps improve memory as well as the cognitive functions of the brain.
  • improve blood circulation: Coffee contributes to improving blood circulation within the body and avoiding blood pressure diseases.
  • Calories burned: Coffee helps increase the body’s daily calorie burning rate.
  • Headache: Drinking coffee relieves many headaches because it contains caffeine and reduces the size of blood vessels.
  • diabetes: Coffee contributes to the prevention of type 2 diabetes.
  • Antioxidants: Coffee is characterized by the presence of antioxidants that are beneficial for the health of the body and skin. And prevention of heart disease, harmful cholesterol and aging diseases.

How is Turkish coffee made with mastic Hafiz Mustafa?

  • Roasted coffee beans are ground and mastic is added to it, then packed in packages to preserve its distinctive taste and aroma.
  • 100% natural with no added ingredients.
  • The package size is 170 gr
  • It comes to you in special iron cans, sealed with an anaerobic cover, to keep its taste and aroma as fresh as the day it was ground.
  • Produced from high quality Arabica beans

Turkish coffee with mastic Hafez Mustafa

How to make Turkish coffee with mastic Hafez Mustafa

  • One tablespoon per cup of coffee.
  • Turkish coffee powder is added to the pot, then cold water is placed in the amount of a cup of coffee and stirred well.
  • Sugar is added as desired at the stage of stirring the coffee before putting it on the fire.
  • Turn on the electric pot of coffee or kindle a light fire under the copper pot.
  • Stir the coffee constantly until the creamy, foamy surface appears and rises to the top of the bucket, then turn off the fire or the machine.
  • Now, gently and quietly, take a part of the creamy face using the tablespoon from the bucket and place it in the coffee cup, approximately one spoonful for each cup.
  • Pour the coffee from the side of the cup, not from the middle, quietly, without lifting the bucket from the cup too much.
  • Don’t forget to serve chocolate or Turkish delight next to the coffee and enjoy.

Turkish coffee with mastic Hafiz Mustafa - 170 gr

History of Hafiz Mustafa HAFIZ MUSTAFA

The history of Hafez Mustafa Sweets began in 1864. During the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Aziz, When Hafiz Mustafa’s father, Ismail Hakkibey, started making sweets in the basement of the building in which he lived in the Eminönü Bahçekapı district of Istanbul ,

He gained a good reputation because people liked his desserts.

His son, Hafez Mustafa Ismail, was a muezzin in the Arbasilar Mosque. However, he also loved the field of sweets and was interested in it. So he learned from his father to make Turkish sweets and started helping him.

He invested the spread of Turkish sweets around the world, added to the traditional confectionery industry, The production of coffee, tea, chocolate, lokum and other products that spread to different countries.

Hafez Mustafa won 11 medals in the field of making pastries and sweets in Europe between 1926 and 1938. And his son Jamil Bey continued the same path of success and expansion after him.

A book has been written about Hafez Mustafa, called “The Secrets of Hafez Mustafa,” by the Colombian author Francisco Leal Quevedo.

Today, Hafez Mustafa sweets shops are the most famous destination for tourists who want to taste the delicious original taste of various types of Turkish sweets. In addition to being exported to many countries of the world.

Turkish coffee with mastic Hafez Mustafa

Learn more about Hafez Mustafa by reading our article: Hafez Mustafa Cafe and Sweets 1864

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