Mehmet Efendi Cocoa – 250 grams

Mehmet Efendi Cocoa – 250 grams Cocoa is natural and healthy, Fast delivery to all countries of the world within three to five working days from Bashasaray to your door. Order now

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Cacao, also called cocoa bean, is the dried and whole fermented seed of the Theobroma cacao tree. From which cocoa solids (a mixture of non-fat materials) and cocoa butter can be extracted.

Cocoa beans are the basis of chocolate. Central American foods including, It is an authentic Mexican drink

How is Mehmet Efendi’s cocoa made?

Cocoa beans are fermented, dried, roasted, and then cracked; The nibs are then ground to extract about 75% of the cocoa butter. Leaving a dark brown paste called chocolate liquor. Then it is dried again. Then grind the mass into unsweetened cocoa powder.

Turkish cocoa powder, Mehmet Efendi


Nutritional value of Mehmet Efendi cocoa

Quantity (100 grams)

  • Calories: 400 kcal
  • carbohydrate: 57.9 g
  • Fiber 33.2g
  • sugar 1.8 g
  • Fat 13.7 g
  • Saturated fat 8.1 g
  • Monounsaturated fat 4.6 g
  • Polyunsaturated fat 0.4 g
  • 19.6g protein


Benefits of Mehmet Efendi Cocoa

  • Improving Cognitive Health Research on the benefits of cocoa powder suggests that adding more cocoa to your diet helps improve attention, working memory, and general cognition. It may also restore cognitive functioning in people who suffer from poor sleep.


  • A stronger immune system The benefits of cocoa powder for the immune system cannot be overlooked as cocoa contains iron, zinc and selenium. These minerals help your body function and boost your immune system.


  • Reducing the side effects of radiotherapy You can eat cocoa powder and take advantage of the benefits of cocoa powder if you have been diagnosed with cancer and undergo radiotherapy. The selenium found in cocoa powder has been shown to reduce the negative side effects of radiation therapy in people with cancer.


  • Weight Loss and Control The benefits of cocoa powder for diet cannot be missed since cocoa is rich in phytonutrients and low in fat and sugar, The calories you get from cocoa powder will be full of health value.

    Studies have also found that cocoa helps regulate energy use and metabolism while increasing feelings of fullness.

    In other words, Although chocolate is commonly associated with weight gain, However, cocoa powder may actually help reduce weight while providing important nutrients.

You can learn more about cocoa through our article: Turkish cocoa

Mehmet Efendi Original Cocoa

Mehmet Efendi coffee is one of the best and most distinguished and ancient Turkish coffee brands. not only in Turkey, but around the world, After gaining a good reputation for providing Turkish coffee products with the original taste, distinguished packaging and the quality of coffee beans, it produces the best types of cocoa beans. If you are tired of drinking regular coffee, Try Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee or Turkish Cocoa from Mehmet Efendi

Mehmet Effendi coffee logo

History of Mehmet Effendi Coffee

The beginning of Mehmet Effendi’s coffee began in 1871, when Mehmet Efendi was helping his father in the coffee roasting and selling shop. At a young age, he was preparing traditional Turkish coffee with simple hand tools. Thus, Muhammad Effendi’s store was the first store to sell roasted and ground coffee. After the coffee beans were sold to people without roasting, They grind and roast them themselves at home.

Muhammad Effendi passed away in 1932, but his profession, which he inherited from his father, was also passed on to his children, who preserved the authentic taste of Muhammad Effendi’s coffee and developed the methods of making it by bringing in the latest equipment, machines, and supplies., Until people from all over the world came to Mehmet Efendi stores in the Eminonu district of Istanbul, In addition to exporting coffee to dozens of countries, And selling tons of them on a daily basis.

Mehmet Efendi Turkish Cocoa Powder – 250 gr

Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee


Order now Mehmet Efendi Turkish Cocoa Powder – 250 grams. Fast delivery from BashaSaray store to your doorstep within 3-7 working days.


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